Dixie Cup Flowers

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Dixie Cup Flowers 3



Today is Mai’s last day of daycare before Easter. Last night we made a few Dixie Cup Easter baskets for her daycare friends.


We had Dixie cups everywhere. While our cups were drying, we continued to play & experiment with our other cups. Since it is finally feeling like spring, we thought we would plant some spring flowers around our house.

Make 6 equal cuts around a Dixie Cup leaving about a 1/2 inch at the bottom of the cup.



Fan out each cut section as shown.


Poke a hole in the center of the cup.


Paint your flowers in the colors of your choice.


IMG_0212 IMG_0215

Cut a pipe cleaner in half.


Poke a pipe cleaner halve through the center of your flower & bend at the end slightly.IMG_0216

Bend the pipe cleaner on the back side & glue or tape into place to make a sturdier flower.IMG_0220

Use the other pipe cleaner halve to form leaves around the stem.



For an added effect, poke through another Dixie Cup to form a holder for your flower.Dixie Cup Flower Craft


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Dixie Cup Flowers



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