Raining Sponge

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Raining Sponge Experiment


Science for kids does not need to be complicated. The simplest of things can be fun & educational. I like doing experiments that require very little set up, clean up & are done with items that are easily accessible. This is about as simple as it gets.

All you will need is a jar, a sponge,
water & food coloring.

I showed Mai the sponge & gave her a little explanation about how the sponge absorbs water. She learned a new word today. “Porous? What’s porous?” We showed her.

We filled up the sponge & rung it out. The sponge will hold water, but only so much before it starts dripping out. We made our sponge into a rain cloud. We added a couple of inches of water to a jar & placed the sponge over it. We filled up a squeeze bottle with water & and food coloring,

My daughter loves anything that requires squirting water. So she had fun with this one for a while. She put her squirt bottle right over the sponge & began squirting over the mouth of the jar. We watched the sponge fill up & the color spread as it filled. When the sponge was full, the colored water began to drip into the jar.


IMG_0383 IMG_0386 IMG_0396 IMG_0402

Mai was having so much fun, that she kept going until she filled up the jar. We had to refill our squeeze bottle a few times.

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