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I have a little bit of a confession to make. I am sort of a home body. I am perfectly content to loaf on the couch after a day of work or once the weekend rolls around. Life is exhausting. When you have children, it is even more so. The thing is that you miss out too much being a sofa lounger. You miss out on life. You miss out on time with your family. Our daughter is growing at an alarming rate. She is no longer a baby. You cannot get these days back. Missed moments with your family remain missed. It is important to do things together. Here are some fun family date ideas for every season.

1. Dine out for dinner

2. Go to the park

3. Have a family game night

4. Visit a museum

5. Go to the movies

6. Have a picnic

7. Go for a hike

8. Go bowling

9. Got to the zoo

10. Go to the beach


11. Cook together

12. Go to an arcade

13. Enjoy a local fair

14. Go to a sporting event

15. Take a craft workshop together

16. Take a scenic ride together

17. Visit a library – Many local libraries have fun activities for children

18. Go apple picking

19. Do a puzzle together

20. Go mini-golfing


21. Color together

22. Go camping

23. Do a family fun run

24. Take them roller skating or ice skating

25. Visit a local historic landmark

26. Go to an aquarium

27. Take them to a kid’s gym or play center

28. Go sledding

29. Go on a whale watch

30. Build a snowman


31. Have an at home movie night

32. Ride go-carts

33. Keep your eyes open for local events

34. Feed ducks at a pond

35. Look through old family photos together

36. Go to a spray park

37. Ride the trolleys – there are trolley museums scattered around the states. This was always a favorite of mine.

38. Go on a hayride

39. Read books to each other

40. Visit a botanical garden


41. Go to a kid friendly concert

42. Play a sport together – Kick around a soccer ball or shoot some baskets

43. Keep your eyes open for local events

44. Go to a planetarium

45. Go for a bike ride

46. Have a dance party

47. Go out for ice cream

48. Take a boat ride

49. Visit an amusement park

50. Have a fun family photo shoot


Please feel free to add your favorite family date night ideas.

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23 comments on “50 Family Date Ideas

    1. Me too! I try to get out and do things with my daughter as much as I can on the weekends, but it is a great treat when we are all together. 🙂

  1. Such great suggestions. We love to head down to the river and feed the ducks and geese in the Spring. Almost time for that again!

  2. I’veI have always loved going bowling with the family – it’s such a fun time and you can usually find an alley that has some affordable offer, like 50-cent Sundays or something like that. I also like going to the zoo. We went to the planetarium once, oops…that wasn’t it…it was the IMAX…to see this special on wolves. I still remember how the sound and screen was so impressive.

    1. We just did our first bowling trip. We went candlepin bowling. Our daughter loved it. She was jumping and cheering and so excited.

    1. LOl! My daughter loves the spray park. It is a water play area with sprayers all over it. The water sprays go off at various times in different locations & the kids run from sprayer to sprayer.

  3. What a great list! Wouldn’t it be great to put them on little slips of paper and let the child pick one when you had a family day?

  4. Now families will no longer have an excuse for sitting around and doing nothing. You’ve got an impressive list.

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