Spring Pancakes

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Spring Pancakes - pancake art

As most of you already know, I have a picky little eater on my hands. Meals in our home are a challenge. We try to introduce new foods & Mai just won’t try them.

“I think it is too spicy.”

“This looks too cheesy.” (As if there was such a thing.)

“I don’t like vegetables.”

You would think we were living with Goldilocks.  There are not many things that our daughter will try, but luckily we do have a few never fail stand-bys. One of these is pancakes. She cannot get enough of them. She would eat them at every meal if we let her.

If you are online, I am sure that you have seen the videos going around of the various pancake artists forming pancakes in the shape of Olaf, Minions & animals. It is amazing. As with most of these things they make it seem so easy. This curious mommy had to see just how easy it would be. I was not as daring as to try any Disney characters or other elaborate art work this time around, but thought in anticipation for the warmer weather that we could start with some spring flowers.

Start with a basic pancake recipe. If the batter is too thick add a little extra milk. I used a mixer on my batter to make sure that there were no lumps.

Using a funnel separate the batters into squeeze bottles.


Add a couple of drops of food coloring to each bottle.


Shake up the mixtures until the color is well blended.


On a hot griddle, squeeze out the outline to whatever object you are drawing. We started with a butterfly.IMG_9257

Add details to the inside of your drawing.


Fill in around the designs with more batter. The batter spread very easily around the details. You can dab in where there are holes. Do not worry if some batter goes over the designs. You will not be able to tell on the other side. Cook until the whole pancake is bubbly & flip.


Try some other simple designs. We made a few different flowers.

spring pancake art - flowers IMG_9263


Mai requested M & M’s on her pancakes, so we pushed a few in her petals before serving. She loved the pretty pancakes & ate 4 pancakes for me this morning.




Here are a few more breakfast time creations.

duck pancakes pancake art flower pancake art


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  1. Gorgeous! I could have used this idea when I used to make “initial” pancakes on each of the kids’ birthday mornings. And you’re right, there is no such thing as too cheesy!

    1. I have never said the words too cheesy in my life. My daughter hates melted cheese. She won’t touch mac & cheese, but she loves her pancakes.

    1. Thanks hon. I want to make these all the time now. They were fun to make & they look so pretty that I could hardly bring myself to eat them.

    1. Ooooh ! Mickey mouse, Mai would love that too. You will have to share with me how to make those.

    1. Lol! Thank you Becky. You are so sweet. These were easier than I thought and were fun to make. I feel like I can only make them this way now.

    1. That is why I made them. They made it look so simple & it really is. I am not quite ready to make some of their creations yet, but these will do just fine.

    1. They were not that hard actually. I was surprised at how well it worked. They were a big hit with my tot.

  2. These look really amazing & cute. Such a fun idea which kids would love so much for sure. Exciting & Creative way to prepare Pancakes that my daughters would love too.

  3. These are adorable pancakes! My girls would love these. They are picky eaters too! I will have to try and make these for Easter breakfast.

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