Stained Glass Butterfly Pancakes

My daughter loves pancakes. We make pancakes together every weekend. Sometimes they are just plain pancakes, sometimes she wants apples in them & others it is chocolate chips and on occasion she asks for pancakes in the shapes of her favorite things, like princess pancakes.

Stained Glass Butterfly Pancake - the kids will love these colorful springtime pancakes made with rainbow sprinkles

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She had two requests this morning. She wanted butterflies & she wanted sprinkles. Challenge accepted!

Start with a basic pancake recipe or you can use ours.


1 cup of flour

1 tbsp brown sugar

2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp of salt

1 cup of milk

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tsp vanilla

1 egg white

Directions: Mix all the ingredients together. Use a blender to mix the batter to get out any clumps.

Use a funnel to funnel the batter into a condiment squeeze bottle.


Squeeze out the mixture to form the butterfly’s body, which is basically a line with a circle on top.


Draw in the wings with the mixture. **Note: If the batter get stuck, squeeze it off to the side to clear any clumps.**


Add lines to the inside of the wings.


Sprinkle rainbow sprinkles into the empty spots between the wings.


Squeeze batter over the sprinkles filling in the empty spaces.


Cook the pancakes as usual until they begin to bubble & then flip and cook on the other side. Serve them up with syrup or plain.

Stained Glass Butterfly Pancake - the kids will love these colorful springtime pancakes made with rainbow color sprinkles

My daughter loved her pretty pancakes. We gobbled all of them up this morning. These were so fun to make & easier then they seem.

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Stained Glass Butterfly Pancakes - the kids will love these beautiful and colorful spring pancakes made with sprinkles

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  1. These are adorable, I admire you artistic skills. I’m making these for my granddaughter. She would love these. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best linkup.

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