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Footprint T-Rex - tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur craft


Our daughter loves to character play. Almost daily she takes on a new role to play & she likes to assign roles to us as well. For the past two days she has been a baby T-Rex. She has been roaming around the house roaring & stomping her little dinosaur feet. I decided to use those little dinosaur feet to make a T-Rex craft for our baby tyrannosaurus.

I painted her foot in 2 different shades of green & added a few black spot to her feet.


We pressed it onto a sheet of white paper & let it dry.


I drew in the tail, arms, legs, jaw, eye & teeth to form our dinosaur.

Footprint T-Rex - tyranosaurus rex craft

When we were done, she wanted to make another craft. “More dinosaurs!” It has been a while since we made a pasta craft. She wanted to make them out of pasta shells. We made a stegosaurus with our pasta.

We started with rigatoni for the legs. I used a glue gun to glue two pieces of rigatoni together for each pair of legs. (Adults should operate the glue gun.)


Choose a jumbo shell with well folded in edges on both sides.


Glue both sets of legs to the bottom of the shell.


Glue a medium size shell into one end of the jumbo shell.


Glue a piece of ziti into the opposite opening on the jumbo shell.


Add a bead of hot glue down the spine & add the elbow macaroni to form the spines.


Let the kids paint them in the colors of their choice & then let dry.


Add googly eyes to finish off your cute little dinosaurs.

Pasta Stegosaurus Dinosaur Craft

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