Cupcake Liner Sunglasses

Cupcake Liner Sunglasses

My daughter & I have been enjoying making fall crafts over the past few weeks. We have been making beautiful autumn trees & pumpkin crafts. We have been loving every minute of our fall crafts, but the past few hot days have snapped me back to summer.

My little sun diva & I spent a lot of time in the sun & by the pool this weekend. She wore her Frozen bathing suit & rocked her favorite shades. Those pink shades inspired our latest craft.


Cupcake Liner Sunglasses

What you will need:

Mini Cupcake liners – plain metallic or black will work best.

Glue sticks

Construction paper in different shades of your choice

Magic markers


Glue the two liners next to each other on a piece of construction paper keeping a small space in between. Draw the outline of a pair of sunglasses around the 2 liners. Cut around the outline.



Glue the glasses to another piece of construction paper.


Draw in a face and some hair.


Mai made her face with big tears and a crazy mouth.


Mommy chose a happier face.

Cupcake Liner Sunglasses

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