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Fingerprint Fall Tree Window Craft - Fall Crafts For Kids

This weekend we went to a local farm. We walked through the corn maze, picked pumpkins and went on a hay ride.


The farm was dressed up for Halloween & there were a few spooky things lurking around every corner. When we went to the gift shop there were more spooky odds & ends and of course our daughter wanted them all. There were scary eyes in a basket on the way out. She pulled them out to play with them and thought that they were funny. I did not let her get them, but I thought it might be fun to make a spooky eye craft when we got home. We made our eyes peeking through a window. Here’s how.

Set aside a piece of black paper for your background. Cut another piece of paper so that it has 4 rectangular cut-outs in it to resemble a window.


Glue the window cut-out on top of the black paper.


To make the eyes, dot your finger into any colored paint and dab it twice onto the black paper side by side. Repeat this several times using different colors.



Let the paint dry & glue googly eyes on top of the paint.

Spooky Eyes In A Window Craft - Kid's Craft for Halloween

Mai wanted to paint monster faces in her windows, so she asked for another window.


Her monster faces were adorable.


I had one more fall window craft that I wanted to do. The same as above, you will need to cut a window out of construction paper.

Draw a bare tree onto a piece of blue paper.


Glue the frame over the blue paper.


Have your child dip their finger into yellows, red, browns, oranges & greens. Dot the colors on the tree for fall leaves.


There are many other outdoor scenes that you could create this way.

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  1. Another one I love and want to try. Oh and we went apple picking at a local farm this past weekend and definitely got in on some fall action with the corn maze and hayride, too 🙂

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