Footprint Animals From A-Z Featuring L, M & N

Footprint Crafts from L - N

We are now more than halfway done with our footprint animal crafts from A – Z. It has been a fun project for Mai & I. She gets a kick out of seeing me turn her little feet into artwork & has learned about a few new animals. Last night our crafts covered the letters L, M & N.  Our first one was L & while we tossed around a few different animals that began with L, we went with a lion. Here’s how.

Footprint Lion Craft

Paint your child’s foot mostly in yellow. Paint a lighter shade of yellow or white in a T-shape as shown. Press the foot onto a piece of paper.

IMG_6941 IMG_6943

Paint the lion’s mane around the heel & a pair of ears on top. Paint in the tail.

IMG_6947 IMG_6948

Dot two white circles onto the paper for eyes & paint in eyebrows. Let the paint dry.


Draw in the finer facial features with black magic marker.

Footprint Lion - Kid's Footprint Crafts from A - Z L is for lion

Our next craft was done similarly.

Footprint Monkey 

Paint your child’s foot in mostly brown with a lighter shade of brown in the middle as shown. Press the foot onto a piece of paper.

IMG_6942 IMG_6944

Paint in the ears & tail and dot 2 white circles on for the eyes & let dry. Use a magic marker to draw in the finer details on the face.

IMG_6950 IMG_6959

Add tree branches & vines for a final touch.

Footprint Monkey Craft - Footprint Crafts A - Z M is for Monkey

The narwhal was a new animal for my daughter. She thought that the horn was funny.

Footprint Narwhal

Paint your child’s foot in a gray or blue color & press it into a piece of paper. Paint in a side & rear fin. Dot on a white circle for the eye & paint in the horn. Paint some spots on the top of the narwhal & let the paint dry. Draw in the eye, eyebrow & mouth with a magic marker.

Footprint Narwhal Craft - Kid's Footprint Crafts from A - Z N is for Narwhal

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