Acorn Snowmen

Acorn Snowmen Craft - kid's nature crafts for winter


I am certain that I have told you before, but you will hear it again, my yard is filled with acorns. They are literally everywhere. I can barely take a step with crunching one under my feet. My daughter & I have gathered them for various crafts & sensory play, so there is an abundance of them in our house.

With the snow flurries & cool weather earlier in the week, I have started thinking about the winter. The short flurry had my daughter so excited. She ran around the yard with her tongue out, trying to catch the flakes on her tongue. As the snow hit the ground, she clapped & asked if we could build a snowman. Much to her disappointment, those few flakes were not enough for snow play. We make not have been able to build a snowman in the snow, but we could craft some snowmen in the house.

Acorn Snowmen

What you will need:

2 acorns for each snow man (2 acorn nuts & one acorn cap)


Black Sharpie or paint

Orange foam

Pipe cleaner

Glue gun or for a stronger hold try Super glue (Use caution when operating the glue gun and when using super glue. Adult use is recommended.)


Paint the acorn nuts in white & let dry. Paint the cap in a different color for the hat & let dry.


Pick a larger acorn for the bottom & trim the point off of it if it has one. Glue the flat end of the smaller acorn to pointed end of the larger acorn. Don’t be shy with the glue. You can paint over any glue that shows with more white. Glue an acorn cap to the pointed end.


Draw or paint in the eyes, coal mouth & buttons.


Cut a small triangle out of orange foam & glue it onto the face.


Cut a small section of pipe cleaner & wrap it around the neck to form the scarf.

Acorn Snowmen Craft for Winter

We still have more acorns to use. What should we craft with them next? Stay tuned.

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  1. What can I say, but thank you for this craft, as my younger daughter has a backpack full of acorns and are obsessed with them. Wasn’t sure what to do with them, but now I know and so trying this craft soon 😉

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