Footprint Crafts I-K

Footprint Crafts from A-Z featuring I,J & K

Mai & I have been having so much fun working our way through the alphabet with our A-Z animal footprint crafts. She has lovingly coined them “stinky foot crafts”. Our latest batch of stinky foot crafts are from I-K.

I is for Iguana

As with all of our footprint crafts, it all begins with a footprint.

Paint your child’s foot & press it on to a piece of paper.


Dab on a white spot for the eye & paint in the iguana’s spikes.


Paint in the tail & feet.


Finish it off by adding in the face & painting stripes on the tail.

Footprint Iguana Craft - Footprint animals from A-Z I is for Iguana

J is for Jaguar

Paint your child’s foot in yellow & press onto a piece of paper on a slant. Paint in the ears, legs & tail. Dab on two white circles for the eyes. Dab more white onto the bottom of the legs for feet. Paint in the jaw & outline the underside of the jaguar with white. Dab on light brown spots & let them dry. Outline the spots in black marker & mark the inside to form the rosettes. Finish the face to complete.

Footprint Jaguar - Footprint Crafts from A-Z J is for Jaguar

K is for Kangaroo

Paint your child’s foot in brown & press onto a piece of paper on a slant. Paint in the ears, tail, arms & legs. Add two dabs of white for the eyes & paint the underside of the foot in white. Let dry & draw in the facial details with a marker & color in the middle of the ears. Paint in a line to form the kangaroo’s pouch.

Footprint Kangaroo - Footprint Craft A-Z K is for Kangaroo

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