Footprint Crafts C – E

Footprint Cow - Footprint Crafts from A to Z - C is for cow

We are continuing with our footprint crafts A-Z. Last night we were at letter C. We named off a few words that started with the “C” & chose to make a cow craft.

As always we painted my daughter’s cute little foot. We painted it white with black spots & then pressed it onto a piece of green construction paper.


I realized that I had forgotten to make the snout & mouth portion in peach, so I painted the heel & then painted in ears.


I painted in the nostrils & mouth.


We finished off our cute little cow by adding in horns & eyes.

Footprint Cow - Footprint Crafts from A to Z - C is for cow

When we finished, Mai held up her other foot & asked me to paint that one too, so we moved on to letter “D”.

D is for dolphin. For this craft, paint the foot in gray & then out line the side of your foot in white for the belly. Add in the fins & tail and give your dolphin an eye. Paint in waves & splashes for your background.

Footprint Dolphin Craft - Footprint Crafts A-Z D is for dolphin

We were feeling ambitious & pushed for one more craft. E is for elk. This is a simple footprint craft. Paint your child’s foot brown, press it into a piece of paper. Paint in ears, antlers, eyes & the mouth and nose.

Footprint Elk Craft - Footprint Crafts A-Z E is for elk

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