Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments - holiday arts and crafts for kids with recyclables.

We are officially just 50 days until Christmas & I have a confession to make. I love Christmas. I know everyone is moaning & groaning that it is too early to get in the holiday spirit, but I just love it. I can’t wait to put up our tree and I can’t wait for Christmas carols & snow, but alas I must wait a few more weeks for those things. One thing I do not have to wait for are the Christmas crafts.  What better way to start getting me into the spirit.

Last week we cut up multiple empty egg cartons to build towers with. We had so many & I wanted to put them to good use, so last night we made a simple Christmas craft using our egg carton pieces,

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments

Cut 2 egg carton sections for each ornament that you want to make.


Paint the sections in the color of your choice & let dry.


Glue your sections together like shown.


Cut the tips off of the tall pointed sections of the egg carton. Paint them in silver or color with a marker & let the dry. Stick a piece of pipe cleaner into the hole & form a loop.


Add a liberal amount of glue to the inside of the piece & glue to the top of the egg cartons as shown.


Use glue & glitter to decorate your ornaments. Let dry.


There you have a quick & easy homemade ornament for your tree.

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments - holiday arts and crafts for kids with recyclables.

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  1. I love Christmas, too and have no problem shouting it from he rooftops if need be, but I know many are total Scrooges about it still. Oh and I love the DIY ornament above and just actually made a DIY Snowman Ornament yesterday for an upcoming blog post, too. So stay tuned 😉

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