Footprint Crafts R, S, & T

Footprint Animal Crafts A - Z featuring R,S & T

We are getting into the home stretch with our footprint animal crafts from A-Z. Yesterday we were able to make crafts for the letters R, S, & T. As always we start with a painted foot.

R Is For Raccoon

Mai insisted that she could paint her own feet last night. So we let her paint her own feet first.


For the raccoon, paint white down the center of the foot & paint the outside in gray. Press onto a piece of paper.


Paint in the ears & tail in gray.


Paint in the raccoon mask & add black stripes to the tail & the center for the ears.


Paint in or use a magic marker to add the eyeballs, mouth & whiskers.

Footprint Raccoon Craft - Footprint animal crafts from A - Z R is for Raccoon

S Is For Skunk

Paint the foot much in the same manner as above, only use black instead of gray.


Paint in the tail, ears & top tuft of hair.


Finish off your craft by painting or drawing in the face with markers. Add small arms to complete your skunk.

Footprint Skunk Craft - Footprint Animal Crafts from A - Z S is for skunk

T Is For Turkey

Our daughter did actually paint her foot for this craft with very minimal help.


Dot on the whites of the eyes, beak, hind feathers & the wattle.


Paint in the feather details & paint in wings & feet to complete.

Footprint Turkey Craft - Footprint Animal Craft A - Z T is for turkey

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Footprint Animal Crafts From A – Z Featuring O, P & Q

Footprint crafts from A - Z featuring o,p & q

We have been having a great time working on our footprint animals. I am excited to finish all of them from A-Z. They will make a lovely addition to our daughter’s new playroom in our new house. Our latest crafts are O for octopus, P for panda & Q for quail. Because of her new-found obsession with the movie ‘Home’, we made one bonus footprint craft inspired by the movie.

O is for octopus

Paint your child’s foot purple.


Press it onto a piece of paper.


Paint the octopus’ tentacles on & dab on two circles for the eyes. Draw in facial details with a magic marker.


Outline the underside of the tentacles in white. Let the paint dry.


Paint in eyeballs & dab on the suction cups.

Footprint Octopus Craft - Footprint Crafts A - Z O is for Octopus

P is for panda

Paint your child’s foot in mostly white. Paint the toes & around the sides of the foot, avoiding the heel, in black.


Dab on circles of black for the eyes. Let dry & then dab on a circle of white. Paint in the ears, nose & mouth.


Paint in small arms & add bamboo to finish off your craft.

Footprint Panda - Footprint Crafts A - Z P is for Panda

Q is for quail

Paint your child’s foot in a few different colors as shown & press into a piece of paper.


Paint in the tail feathers, the top plume & dot on an eye. Paint a “c” shape in to define the face.


Add a beak & feet. Dot on an eyeball & add details for the feathers.

Footprint Quail - Footprint Crafts A - Z Q is for Quail

As promised, we also did a bonus footprint this week. Mai is just in love with the movie ‘Home’. We made a footprint craft inspired by the movie.

Home Inspired Footprint Craft - Oh the alien

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Footprint Crafts I-K

Footprint Crafts from A-Z featuring I,J & K

Mai & I have been having so much fun working our way through the alphabet with our A-Z animal footprint crafts. She has lovingly coined them “stinky foot crafts”. Our latest batch of stinky foot crafts are from I-K.

I is for Iguana

As with all of our footprint crafts, it all begins with a footprint.

Paint your child’s foot & press it on to a piece of paper.


Dab on a white spot for the eye & paint in the iguana’s spikes.


Paint in the tail & feet.


Finish it off by adding in the face & painting stripes on the tail.

Footprint Iguana Craft - Footprint animals from A-Z I is for Iguana

J is for Jaguar

Paint your child’s foot in yellow & press onto a piece of paper on a slant. Paint in the ears, legs & tail. Dab on two white circles for the eyes. Dab more white onto the bottom of the legs for feet. Paint in the jaw & outline the underside of the jaguar with white. Dab on light brown spots & let them dry. Outline the spots in black marker & mark the inside to form the rosettes. Finish the face to complete.

Footprint Jaguar - Footprint Crafts from A-Z J is for Jaguar

K is for Kangaroo

Paint your child’s foot in brown & press onto a piece of paper on a slant. Paint in the ears, tail, arms & legs. Add two dabs of white for the eyes & paint the underside of the foot in white. Let dry & draw in the facial details with a marker & color in the middle of the ears. Paint in a line to form the kangaroo’s pouch.

Footprint Kangaroo - Footprint Craft A-Z K is for Kangaroo

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Footprint crafts F – H


We are cruising through our footprint crafts from A-Z. Last night & this morning we were able to do our footprints for the letters “F” – “H” . We chose to do a fox for the “F” & a goat for the “G” & a hen for “H”.

As with all of our footprint crafts it just starts with a footprint.

Footprint Fox

Paint your child’s foot in brown or red.


Press in onto a piece of paper.


Use the paint to paint a tail on & add a tip in a lighter shade.


Paint in the ears.


Paint in the eyes & the inside of the ears. Paint in fur on the face & stomach.



Paint in the  eyeballs, nose, mouth & remaining details with black paint.

Footprint Fox Craft - Footprint crafts A-Z F is for fox

We did the other two footprint crafts in the same fashion.

G is for Goat

Paint your child’s foot white & press onto a colored piece of paper. Paint on a head with ears & beard in white. Paint in the legs & tail in white as well. Paint in the horns using light brown paint & add a collar with a bell. When the paint dries, draw in the face & hooves with a black marker.

Footprint Goat Craft - Footprint crafts A-Z G is for goat

H is for Hen

Paint your child’s foot in red at the heel & brown on the rest. Paint the hen’s crown, wattle & wing in red. Paint the rear tail feathers in brown. Dab on white paint for the eyes. Paint in the beak & feet in yellow. Let the paint dry & add in the facial details &wing feathers with a black marker.

Footprint Hen Footprint Crafts from A-Z - H is for hen

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Footprint Crafts C – E

Footprint Cow - Footprint Crafts from A to Z - C is for cow

We are continuing with our footprint crafts A-Z. Last night we were at letter C. We named off a few words that started with the “C” & chose to make a cow craft.

As always we painted my daughter’s cute little foot. We painted it white with black spots & then pressed it onto a piece of green construction paper.


I realized that I had forgotten to make the snout & mouth portion in peach, so I painted the heel & then painted in ears.


I painted in the nostrils & mouth.


We finished off our cute little cow by adding in horns & eyes.

Footprint Cow - Footprint Crafts from A to Z - C is for cow

When we finished, Mai held up her other foot & asked me to paint that one too, so we moved on to letter “D”.

D is for dolphin. For this craft, paint the foot in gray & then out line the side of your foot in white for the belly. Add in the fins & tail and give your dolphin an eye. Paint in waves & splashes for your background.

Footprint Dolphin Craft - Footprint Crafts A-Z D is for dolphin

We were feeling ambitious & pushed for one more craft. E is for elk. This is a simple footprint craft. Paint your child’s foot brown, press it into a piece of paper. Paint in ears, antlers, eyes & the mouth and nose.

Footprint Elk Craft - Footprint Crafts A-Z E is for elk

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B is For Baboon Footprint Craft

Footprint Baboon Craft - B is for Baboon

We are into week two of our A-Z footprint crafts. Our choice for the letter “b” is baboon. My daughter made a deal with me regarding our footprint craft. She said that if she let me make a baboon out of her feet, then she would get to paint my feet too. I agreed, of course.

To make our footprint baboon, paint around the outline of your child’s foot with a dark brown. Paint inside of the outline in a lighter shade of brown. Paint the heel in yellow & then paint an upside down “T” with light blue around it as shown.


Press it onto a piece of paper.


Draw in the nose & mouth on the heel.


Dry brush around the outside of the foot using a fanned out brush to make the fur.



Paint in the body in dark brown to finish off your craft.


Footprint Baboon Craft - B is for Baboon

True to my word, I let Mai paint my feet. She painted it & pressed it onto the paper & set it aside to let it dry. I can’t wait to see what she makes with it.


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Footprint Volcano Craft

Footprint Volcano Craft

We took our daughter to see the movie ‘Inside Out’ when it first came out. We loved the movie. It was filled with so much emotion. Tears streamed down my face for a good portion of the movie. The funny thing is my tears began before the movie even started. There was a lovely musical short in the beginning of the movie about a lonely volcano. I became slightly obsessed with the song in the short & have been playing it over & over again.

Mai has even started telling me “I lava you.”

Last night we were singing the song & she insisted that we had to make a volcano craft out of her feet. As I have told you before she really loves the foot crafts. Here is how we made our footprint volcano.

Paint your child’s foot mostly brown with red & yellow at the heel. Press it into a piece of paper & let it dry.



Use red magic markers to draw in the dripping & spattering lava.


Use markers or crayons to form the smoke.


Draw an island around your volcano.

Footprint Volcano Craft

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Thomas The Train Crafts

Paper Plate Thomas The Train Craft

My daughter loves cartoons. She would stay parked in front of the television all day, but I limit her screen time. There are only a few shows that she watches. Her favorite shows are ‘Stella & Sam’ & ‘Julius Jr.’ Since I monitor her television time, it always surprises me when she knows so many characters from other cartoons. Last night she kept talking to me about Percy. I did not know who Percy was. It turned out that Percy was a friend of Thomas the train. “Percy is so cute.” she told me. I was not familiar with Percy, but I know Thomas. I asked my daughter if she wanted to make Thomas & Percy crafts & of course she jumped at it. She chose to make Percy, so I made Thomas. We chose to make paper plate crafts. Here’s how.

What you will need:

Paper plates

Silver paint

Construction paper in blue, black, red & green.

Magic markers



Paint a paper plate in silver & let it dry.


Cut out the shapes for the bodies, eyes, mouths, lights & smoke stacks. (Here were all the pieces used to form Thomas)


Draw in the eyeballs & any details with magic marker.


I cut out all the pieces for Mai’s Percy as well.

Glue all the pieces together to form your characters.

IMG_5073 IMG_5077

Draw in nose, mouth & cheeks.


As you can see Mai was very proud of her creation.

IMG_5079 Percy The Train Craft

Mommy was proud of hers too.

Paper Plate Thomas The Train Craft

Since we were on a Thomas kick, we had to squeeze in just one more craft.

Footprint Thomas The Train Craft

Paint your child’s feet as shown.


Press onto a piece of paper & let dry.


Paint in the whites of the eyes & the mouth. Paint the train’s body as shown & let dry.


Paint or draw in the details & let dry.

Thomas the Train footprint craft

Add a smoke stack & train tracks with crayons to finish off your picture.

Thomas The Train Footprint Craft


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Footprint Xylophone Craft

Footprint Xylophone Craft

Like many children my daughter loves music. She loves to sing & to dance and bang away on her different instruments. Last night’s footprint craft was inspired by this love of music. This little xylophone is cute & colorful and only took us a few minutes to make. Here’s how…

Hold your child’s foot vertically & paint the colors of the rainbow horizontally across the foot leaving a small space in between colors. Press their foot onto a piece of paper.


Use a crayon or marker or paint to draw in the base of the xylophone.



Add circles to form the screws on your xylophone.


Add a pair of xylophone sticks.


Add musical notes to finish off your craft.


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Footprint Grasshopper Craft

Footprint Grasshopper Craft


What is it about little feet that make them so adorable? I have always loved baby feet. I feel likewise about toddler feet too. That is why footprint crafts are my favorite. I just can’t get enough of them & my daughter loves to make them too. We have quite the collection of footprint art hanging up around our home. Last night we were talking about grasshoppers & crickets, which of course ended with us having to make a grasshopper craft.

Paint your  child’s foot in green & press onto a piece of paper. Let it dry. Use paint or magic marker to draw in an eye & antennae onto the heel.


Draw or paint in the legs & details for the body.


We used chalk to highlight the segments.


Draw or paint in a branch or leaves for a final touch.



This will make a great addition to our growing collection of footprint crafts.

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