Vampire Girl Paper Plate Mask

Vampirina Mania has taken over our house. My daughter cannot get enough of that adorable little vampire. I have to admit, I like her too. It is such a cute cartoon about a little vampire girl just trying to find her place in the human world with a little help from her human and not-so-human friends.  Our new favorite character inspired this vampire girl paper plate mask.

Vampirina inspired vampire girl paper plate mask with free printable template. Arts and crafts for kids. Perfect for Halloween or for pretend play.

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Egg Carton ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Inspired Teacup

If you are a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ fan, you will love this adorable Chip inspired teacup craft made out of recyclables.

We were lucky enough to get out to the movies this weekend and see the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ movie. I am a big fan of the animated version, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the live action movie, but I loved it. It was absolutely beautiful. I love all of the characters from the movies, so it is hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to pick just one, it would have to be Chip. He is just so cute. I couldn’t resist making a teacup craft inspired by my favorite little teacup.
Egg Carton 'Beauty & the Beast' Chip inspired teacup craft. Kid's character inspired arts and crafts. Recyclable crafts

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Craft Stick Trolls Bookmarks

Trolls lovers will love these simple Trolls bookmarks made out of Popsicle sticks.

Like so many kids these days, my daughter is in love with the movie Trolls (affiliate link). Even if you have not seen the movie yet, I am sure you are still familiar with the bright and cheery Princess Poppy and her grumpy travel companion Branch. The movie is just bursting with color, glitter and song and dance. It is no wonder why children love them so much. These simple Trolls bookmarks are a great idea for your little Trolls fans. Poppy and Branch Popsicle stick bookmarks inspired by characters from the movie Trolls. Kid's arts and crafts

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Paper Plate Cloud Guy Craft

If your kids are Trolls fan, you have to try this cute and funny paper plate craft inspired by Cloud Guy.

We bought the movie Trolls last week. Since we bought it, we have watched it three or four times. My daughter loves those adorable Trolls, but our favorite character is by far the cloud. His part is a small one, but it is memorable.  She loves him so much, that a Cloud Guy craft was a must.

Paper Plate Craft inspired by Cloud Guy character from the Dreamworks movie Trolls. Kid's arts and crafts

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The “Cloud Guy” looked like a simple enough character to make, so I wanted to make one with my daughter.

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Paper Plate Rudolph & Friends Inspired Masks

Paper Plate Rudolph & friends character masks - Christmas Crafts for the kids

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This holiday season with our daughter has been a fun one. She has a greater appreciation and understanding of the holidays this year & all the magic and wonder in her eyes make my heart smile. This is the first year of her watching the Christmas classics with us. She has enjoyed each and every one. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was on the other day. At first it frightened her because of the Abominable Snowman, but once we explained that he was nice, she loved him.

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Charlie Brown Inspired Footprint Crafts

Charlie Brown Inspired Footprint Crafts - Charlie Brown & Lucy

I have had Charlie Brown on the mind a lot these past few weeks. Charlie & the rest of the Peanuts Gang have a new movie coming out next month. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was on last night & my husband & I just had our Halloween costumes delivered. That is right, this year my hubby & I are dressing up like Charlie Brown & Lucy. We had wanted Mai to be Snoopy with us, but she was very insistent that this year she was going to be a witch princess.

I love Chuck & the gang & as I told you just a couple of days ago when I made the Dr. Seuss inspired footprint crafts, I seem to be seeing everything as feet these days. I decided to sneak in one more footprint craft for the week.

Charlie Brown & Lucy inspired footprints

For Charlie, paint your child’s heel in pale peach. Paint their toes in brown & the rest of the foot in yellow with one black stripe running across the foot near the toes. Press it onto a piece of paper & let the paint dry. Dot on an ear with the peach color. Use a black Sharpie or marker to draw in the face & the zig zag of Charlie’s shirt.

IMG_0266 The Peanuts Charlie Brown footprint craft

For Lucy, paint the heel in light peach again. Paint another strip of the pale peach across the portion of the foot right under the toes & then paint the rest in blue. Press onto a piece of paper & let the paint dry. Add a dab of peach for the ear. Use a black Sharpie or marker to draw in the face, hair & details of the dress to finish her off.

IMG_0267  The Peanuts Lucy Van Pelt inspired Footprint craft

Stay tuned for pictures of me & my husband as Charlie Brown & Lucy after Halloween.

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Tissue Box Tow Mater Craft

Tissue box Tow Mater character craft - use recyclables to make this cute tow truck

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My daughter love cars. She loves cars, trucks, trains & planes. It is probably no surprise then, that she also loves movies like Planes and Cars. One of the most memorable characters from Cars is Tow Mater. In my daughter’s eyes all pick-up trucks are him.

We go through a lot of tissues in our house. My husband keeps a box in every room. We ran out of a couple of boxes of tissues last week & my daughter told her father that he needed to save them for me. “Mama, will probably want them for a craft.” I love that kid. She knows me so well. She was right. They were perfect for our Tow Mater craft.

What you will need:

A rectangular tissue box

A cube tissue box

Acrylic paint (brown & orange)

Egg carton

Construction paper

Pipe cleaner

Magic markers

Hot glue gun (Please use caution when operating the glue gun. Adult operation is recommended.


Cut the cube tissue box, leaving about 1/3 of the box.


Cut half of the top of the rectangular box off. Glue the cube to the top of the rectangular box as shown.


Swirl the brown & orange paint. Do not blend completely. Paint both boxes. With the paint. The best part is that the paint does not need to be perfect because Tow Mater is rusty.


Cut a crooked mouth & teeth out of construction paper. Cut the front window out of construction paper & draw in the eyes.


Glue the window & mouth in place and cut out two headlights.


Paint 4 egg carton pieces black and let them dry.


Glue the egg carton pieces on for wheels.


Cut a brown piece of pipe cleaner in half & fold as shown.


Glue the pipe cleaners to the side of the top tier. Cut two rectangles out of egg carton & glue the rectangles in the pipe cleaners to for the rear view windows.


Cut two pieces out of the egg carton cover for the tow.


Glue them to the open pick-up portion of the truck as shown.


Glue a pipe cleaner off the end of the tow to finish it off.



My daughter was so happy with the finished truck. Tow Mater has had a busy couple of days towing all of my daughter’s toys.

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Paper Plate Team Umizoomi Masks

Paper Plate Team Umizoomi Character Masks - Milli & Geo

I love doing daily crafts with my daughter. It is fun to see what she can do & to come up with new ideas together. There are days when I can’t think of anything. I get a sort of crafter’s block. Luckily for me, when I can’t think of anything, my daughter weighs in her own ideas. Last night she wanted to make Umizoomi crafts. We were going to make egg carton Umizoomi characters, but as it turned out, we had use up all of our egg cartons. We decided to make paper plate masks instead.

Paper Plate Team Umizoomi Milli & Geo Masks

What you will need:

Paper Plates

Paint (red, blue ,pink, peach, yellow & white)

Red foam



Craft Sticks


Lightly draw a circle on the bottom of your paper plate as shown.


Paint within the circle with the peach paint & let it dry.


Paint a yellow outline around the peach.


Paint the rest of the plate in blue to form Geo & then in pink on another plate to form Milli.


Paint in the hair & eyebrows on both characters. Use a sharpie to draw in the eyes & mouth. Add in a little tongue & cheeks for Milli. Dab a bit of white into the eyes.

IMG_6487 IMG_6490

IMG_6488  IMG_6489

Glue two craft sticks together & then glue both sticks to the back of the plate to form your mask handle.

IMG_6492 IMG_6493

Meet Milli

Team Umizoomi Milli Paper plate mask

…And Geo

Team Umizoomi Geo Paper Plate mask


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‘Inside Out’ Character Hand Print Craft

Inside Out Hand Print Characters Craft - Riley with her head full of emotions

My daughter loves the movie ‘Inside Out’. She is particularly fond of Joy. Joy is her favorite character. She pretends to be her all of the time. Yesterday, she was asked what her name is. She told the person that her name was Joy. I just laughed. She gets so into character, that she even refuses to wear shoes because Joy does not wear shoes. I promised my little Joy that we would make an ‘Inside Out’ craft. We decided to make a hand print craft. I wanted to make an emotion character on each of Mai’s fingers & Riley on her palm.

We painted her palm in flesh tone. I painted each of her fingers in the character’s colors. For Anger, we painted the thumb in white & the tip in red. We painted the pointer finger light green & then the tip flesh toned for Joy. The middle finger was purple with a light purple tip for Fear. Disgust was green with a light green tip on her ring finger. Sadness finished off the cast of characters on the pinky. She was a very light blue with a slightly darker blue on the tip. We pressed it onto a piece of paper & let it dry.


I painted the hair on each character.


I painted in the eyes & mouths on each & added in the clothing accessories.

IMG_5281 IMG_5283

On the palm, I painted in the whites of the eyes & added the hair for Riley with magic marker & crayons.


I finished of our craft by adding the rest of Riley’s facial features.

Inside Out Hand Print Characters Craft - Riley with her head full of emotions

Mai thought this was hilarious & wanted to make one of her own too.

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