Paint Resist Spider Web Windows

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Spiders may give some people the creeps, but I still think that their webs can be hauntingly beautiful. These paint resist spider web windows are fun and easy to make and would be great for a collaborative project or for a classroom. These are spooky enough for Halloween and pretty year round.

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What you will need:

Watercolor paper

School glue or a white oil pastel

Watercolor paint

Black construction paper

Glue stick

Acrylic black paint


As with many of our paint projects, we cut our watercolor paper into quarters. You may do this full size, but we prefer the smaller canvases because my little one prefers to work in smaller sections when working on painting projects.

First, draw your spider web onto the sheet of watercolor paper using either white school glue or a white oil pastel. Oil pastels are the simpler and quicker option, but we prefer the look of the glue.

We made super easy spider web designs for ours. We started by making a swirl with the glue on the paper. The swirl can fill the page or be off to one side depending on how you want your web to look.

Next, we drew lines out from the center of the swirl in all directions. This is just a simple method, your kiddos of course can make their spider webs however they like. Carefully, set the glue to the side to dry. We recommend letting it dry overnight.

Once the glue is dry, paint over your glue web with watercolor paints. Darker colors work better for bringing out the design. Let the paint dry.

To finish it off, use a glue stick and glue the painting on top of a piece of black construction paper. Trim around the edge so that it forms a frame around your picture. Cut two long, thin strips of black paper to form the cross section in the middle of your window. Glue the pieces in place.

You may choose to leave the web as is or paint a spider into your picture using acrylic paint. Make a few of them and glue them side by side to form a larger picture window full of webs.

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