Pop-up Animal Puppets with Printables

If you are anything like me, you probably have a collection of empty cardboard tubes laying around in a bin somewhere just waiting to be turned into a fun craft. If this sounds like you, then you are in luck! These pop-up animal puppets are adorable and fun to play with.

Free printable animals are included.

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Easy Painted Owl Faces For Kids

Who Who..loves owls? I do! I do! For me, it’s all about the eyes. There is something so hypnotic about them. This easy painting project focuses on their beautiful peepers and those adorable feathered faces. These painted owl faces are a quick and easy art project for the kiddos. My 7 year old loved making these.

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Paper Mosaic Owls

Owls have been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember. My daughter loves them as well. Every day she snuggles up with her favorite owl blanket and her stuffed owls. We can’t leave the house without them.

Construction paper mosaic owl craft - easy arts and craft for kids and preschoolers. Great for cutting and scissor skills. Fine motor activities

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I had an idea for a simple owl craft for me and my owl lover, so when my daughter had a sleepover this weekend and the girls asked me to do a craft with them, I was over the moon.

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Feather Process Art & Painting

I am certain I have mentioned this before, but owls are my favorite animal. They have been my favorite since I was a little girl. When I was a young artist, they were also my favorite art subject & they still are today.

feather stamped painted owl & butterfly process arts & craft for the kids with a feather

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I wanted to make an owl craft with my daughter. We had some craft feathers handy & I thought that they would be perfect. They were perfect, but it turns out that they made a perfect paint brush instead of a craft material. I used the feather to press & brush acrylic paint across a piece of watercolor paper. I showed my daughter what I was doing & asked her if she wanted to make one of her own. She did, so she set up shop next to me.


When the paint dried, I glued on eyes & a beak & my daughter began to work on hers as well.

feather stamped painted owl process arts & craft for the kids with a feather

She chose her own colors & dipped her feathers into the different colored paints.

Feather stamping & painting process art for kids

Pressing the feathers onto the paper can get messy on the fingers, but luckily my daughter is no stranger to messes.


I watched as she formed symmetrical patterns with her feathers. While she worked, she explained “Mama, I don’t want to make an owl. I am going to make a butterfly. Can you see my wings?”


She asked me to help her cut antennae out of pipe cleaners. She glued on a piece of paper for the head & drew on some eyes.


Her butterfly was a great idea & it came out adorable.

feather stamped painted butterfly process arts & craft for the kids with a feather

feather stamped painted owl & butterfly process arts & craft for the kids with a feather

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feather stamped painted butterfly process arts & craft for the kids with a feather

10 Cute Owl Crafts For Kids

10 cute owl crafts for kids


Owls are all the rage these days. I have noticed them popping up everywhere lately. As a longtime lover of these soulful creatures, I am happy to see this. My 3 year has followed in her mommy’s footsteps and loves them as well. We have owl knick knacks & stuffed owls. Her favorite blanket even is, you guessed it, an owl blanket & it goes with her everywhere. Since she also shares in my love for crafting, I have been excited to find a number of amazing owl crafts that we can do together. Here are some of my favorites.

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