Pastel & Watercolor Peacock Feathers

Hello all! This week, we played around with pastels and watercolors to make some pretty and easy art. These pastel and watercolor peacock feathers were so quick and easy to make that my little one and I got a little carried away and ended up making a bunch. All you need for these are watercolor paper, oil pastels and some watercolors.

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Things you will need:

Watercolor paper

Oil pastels


We do most of our projects on watercolor paper. Watercolor paper is large, so we like cut our paper in half to extend the life of our paper. Also, with doing art with the little ones, I find that the smaller the canvas the better for keeping them engaged.

Pastel & Watercolor Peacock Feathers

Holding your paper the long way, draw a line about 2/3 of the way up the paper using an oil pastel.

Draw an oval for the eye of the feather with oil pastels on top of your line.

Fill your oval with 1 or 2 more ovals in different colors and then two blue circles in the center. Peacock feathers are usually shades of greens and blues and copper, but you can color your feathers however you like. Use your finger to blend your colors a little.

Draw lines up the feather and over the top of the eye to form the shape of your feather.

Now it’s time to paint. We played with wet on wet and wet on dry techniques here. Below are examples of each. On the left is wet on dry and on the right is wet on wet. For easier control of your paint and details, wet paint on dry paper works best. For a freer, softer look, you might prefer wet on wet. Just lightly brush your paper with plain water before you add your paints. Do not overdo the water or your colors will just run all over the place and make a puddly mess.

Paint your feather starting from bottom. Start at the middle line and work your way out on both sides.

Paint your way all the way to the top, following the lines of your feather. Let your project dry completely before handling it. And there you have it, a simple and pretty peacock feather.

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