Cute Anime Mummy Tutorial

My 9-year-old is an enormous fan of anime art. We have piles of her anime drawings scattered all over the house. We draw and do art challenges with each other on a regular basis and she always wants me to draw anime pictures with her. So, this one is for you kiddo…

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All you will need are a pencil, a piece of paper, colored pencils, and a Sharpie


Draw two circles for eyes and two dark curved lines over the circles.

Make crescent shapes inside of the outer third of the circles and add eyelashes to the dark curved lines.

Draw three overlapping circles inside each eye, as shown.

Color in the middle circles (eyeballs), avoiding the overlaps. Lightly shade in the overlapped sections of the two eyeballs. Draw a curved line over the eyeballs and lightly shade in. Make an almond shape around the two eyes.

Draw a large circle around everything that you have drawn so far to form the head.

Draw curved lines around the inside of your circle, avoiding the almond-shaped area. These will be the bandages for your mummy. Have some of your bandages extend a little past the outside of your head.

Whenever you extend the bandage past the head, erase the original head line inside of that section.

Next, draw two vertical lines for the neck.

Again, extend your bandages past your neck lines and erase the original lines.

Add a couple more layers of bandage under the neck to give a hint of shoulder.

Then, draw one more ribbon-like bandage under it all.

Lastly, outline your drawing in Sharpie. Use the Sharpie to color in the area around the eyes and the pupil. Use colored pencils to lightly shade the corners of your bandages and color in your eyebrow and eyes.

Here is my daughter’s drawing.

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