Painted Cork Fairy Houses

A couple of weeks ago my daughter stumbled across a box of corks. It inspired us to make some pretty cork printed pumpkin patches. My daughter had some ideas of her own about what she wanted to do with those corks. She broke out her paints, went to work, and painted a couple of toadstools on them.

I thought this was such a great idea. They were adorable and it gave me an idea. So thank you to my 9-year-old for inspiring these cute painted cork fairy houses.

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My daughter holding our toadstool inspirations.

What you will need:

Champagne corks

Acrylic paint

I usually give step by step directions for all of our crafts, but honestly you can go wherever you want with these. Fairy houses are so earthy and whimsical and there are so many different designs that you can create. Paint on flowers, petals, vines, rocks, or lines to make it look like bark.

I painted a toadstool home, an acorn home, a leaf covered one and a moss covered one.

I do have just a few suggestions.

Make sure that you let your paint dry in between sections. I started by painting the bottom halves of the corks first. I let them dry completely and then painted the tops. If you do not let them dry, you will smudge the paint and make a mess of your hands. Kiddos can get impatient, so you can always use a hairdryer to help speed up the drying time.

Because the corks are so small, I had to hold the cork in one hand while painting, so it is important that the paint is dry before adding on any details.

Tops were layered with different colors of paint. The toadstools were painted red with white spots. The acorns were brown with darker brown details. For the leaves, I painted on green in a wavy design around the top and then used black paint to paint on the leaf shape. For the moss, I just dotted different shades of green all around the top of the cork.

I painted on brightly lit windows and sweet little rustic doors. Fairy doors and windows come in a variety of styles and shapes, so make your windows round, square, abnormally shaped. It all works. Paint on vines or flowers or other nature details to make your fairy house come alive.

Here are the 4 different designs I came up with. We would love to see some of yours. Share your projects with us on our Facebook page.

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