Toilet Paper Roll Teddy Bears

Toilet Paper Roll Teddy Bears


This weekend we went to a birthday party for one of Mai’s friends. She played outside with her friends & ate cupcakes and had a great time. It also got her talking to me about her next birthday party. Last year we had a Play-Doh themed birthday party.


This year she told me that she would like a Teddy Bear party. Since her birthday is 7 months away, I have a lot of time to think up some ideas & plan for it, providing she doesn’t change her mind from now until then. All weekend she talked to me about her teddy bear party. “I really like Teddy Bears, mama.” She was so wide-eyed and excited that we had to have a little bit of Teddy fun now.

Toilet Paper Tube Teddy Bears


What you will need:

Toilet paper tubes


Construction paper


Magic markers




Paint the toilet paper rolls in your Teddy Bear colors & let them dry. My girly girl of course wanted pink.


While the tubes dried, we cut shapes out of two different shades of construction paper for our bear parts.


Using a glue stick we glued the white shapes into the brown as shown.


IMG_3131 IMG_3132

I glued the parts onto the tubes for Mai & I.


We drew in the bear’s paws & mouth with magic marker.

IMG_3159 IMG_3157

Mai was right, she really does love Teddy Bears.


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