Footprint Scooter

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My daughter is a little engineer. She loves constructing things with her toys & random things around the house. She builds things and she calls them her “machines”. Today’s machine was a made out of her scooter & a step stool. She put her doll in it because as she explained to me, it took passengers. She added yarn to hold the stool in place & to seat belt in her baby. She tinkered with her invention for a while. She pulled out her toy tool kit and gave it a tune up & then spent some time pushing it around the house as well.


Later that evening she came up to me & said “Mama, I want to make a scooter footprint.”

I love when she comes up with ideas on her own.

From my daughter’s mind & foot, here is her footprint scooter.

Footprint Scooter

We made a footprint slide craft too with the other foot.

Footprint slide .


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