Cardboard Roll Dancing Skeleton

I am excited to share these with you today because they were such a huge hit with my little girl. We had so much fun making and playing with these adorable dancing skeletons. If you are looking for a cute and funny Halloween craft that your kids will enjoy, look no further. These cardboard roll skeletons are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.

Cardboard roll dancing skeleton puppets - Halloween arts and crafts for kids. Crafts with cardboard tube recyclables

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Painted Captain Underpants Pumpkin

Our little girl loves books. She has gone through many different favorites in her five years on this earth. They usually change from week to week. Ever since we have gotten into chapter books though, there has only been one favorite and that is Captain Underpants. She cannot get enough of him and his sidekicks, George and Harold. We have read them all. She draws the characters all the time and the characters have even inspired her to want to become a comic book writer. We went to a local farm this weekend and stocked up on pumpkins. Since my girl loves that whacky superhero so much, I thought that I would make her a Captain Underpants pumpkin to greet her as she leaves the house and comes home from school every day. His simple features made this an easy and fun painted pumpkin.

Painted Captain Underpants pumpkins for fall and Halloween. If your kids love the Captain Underpants's books or movie, they will love this no carve pumpkin idea. Autumn arts and crafts

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Dixie Cup Bobble Head Bat Craft

Halloween is next month and we have already started planning our costumes. My daughter told me ages ago that she wanted to be a bat this year for Halloween. That hasn’t changed and it is all that she has been talking about. Bats, bats, bats have been on the mind. While brainstorming ideas for making her costume, I couldn’t help but make some bat crafts too. I am kind of in love with this bobble head bat. He is so cute and silly and it is fun to make him bobble and fly.

Bobble Head Bat with printable bat template - watch it wobble and fly. Halloween arts and crafts for kids

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Mixed Media Haunted Houses

These adorable mixed media haunted houses are a wonderfully spooky Halloween art project for the kids.

With fall quickly approaching, pumpkins, apple picking and hayrides have been on our mind. We have also started to think about Halloween. We love Halloween and we especially love cute and spooky Halloween arts and crafts. And for me, nothing quite says spooky like a haunted house.

Mixed Media Haunted House for Halloween - arts and crafts for kids

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Jack-O-Lantern Magazine Collage

Magazine collages are a fun way to repurpose your old magazines.

Magazine collages were a favorite activity of mine when I was a young girl. They are easy and fun to make and the end results are just so cool. If you have a bunch of old magazines sitting around, these jack-o-lantern magazine collages are a creative way to make use of them before tossing them into the recycling bin. Jack-o-lantern magazine collage with two different printable pumpkin templates. Fall and Halloween arts and crafts for kids

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Yarn Wrapped Broomsticks

 Halloween is a favorite holiday in our house. My daughter is very theatrical and loves to play dress up and, of course, she loves the candy as well.Yarn wrapped witches' brooms crafts for Halloween. A great fine motor skill activity and kid's crafts. Arts & craft for preschoolers.

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Last year, my daughter was a witch and while she outgrew her costume, she still uses her witch’s broom and hat all of the time.


As she played with it the other day, it gave me a fun idea for a Halloween craft for us.

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Cardboard Tube Haunted House

Recyclables make perfect craft materials. For one, they are free and you just cannot beat that. The other thing is that they are always readily available. I have a huge bin filled with egg cartons and assorted cardboard tubes that I save. I had collected so many tubes, that I had to make something with them.
With Halloween nearing, I had just the haunting craft in mind.

Paper towel roll and toilet paper tube haunted house craft. Cardboard tubes arts & crafts - spooky Halloween project for kids.

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Thumbprint Monsters

These are so cute & fun to make. Thumbprint or fingerprint monsters. Kid's arts & crafts. Perfect for Halloween.

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We are huge fans of hand, foot & finger printed projects. They are fun to make & some of those sweet little prints make for wonderful keepsakes to save & look back at later.

My daughter is going through a little bit of a monster phase lately. She loves to draw them and make clay sculptures of them, which is funny because she doesn’t like anything scary, but she always makes sure to tell me that they are nice monsters.

Monsters are simple & fun to make and have so many possibilities. We made some adorable & “nice” monsters this week with our thumbprints.

My daughter picked out a few different colors of acrylic paint & we squeezed out just a bit of each onto a paper plate. I explained to my daughter that after she dipped her finger in the paint, she needed to blot off a bit of it before pressing onto the paper. She blotted her fingers & pressed firmly onto a sheet of white paper & then we set the paper aside to dry. Acrylic paint dries rather quickly, so we were able to work with our thumbprints without much wait.

 img_4286 img_4278

I drew a couple of starter monsters onto the thumbprints & my daughter quickly grabbed a Sharpie and went on to finish the rest of her thumbprints. I took this photograph of her as she drew, but she insisted that I do not look until the end, so she asked for privacy while she worked on the rest. A true artist never wants to reveal their work until it is finished.


When she finished her last one, she proudly ran over to me to show me her friendly monsters. They were so cute. She pointed all the differences out to me & told me that she likes her monsters to have tails.

These are so cute & fun to make. Thumbprint or fingerprint monsters. Kid's arts & crafts. Perfect for Halloween.

I made some of my own & thought the tails were a cute option for some of mine as well.

These are so cute & fun to make. Thumbprint or fingerprint monsters. Kid's arts & crafts. Perfect for Halloween.

For more great finger & thumbprint ideas, check out …

We also recreated a thumbprint idea that we made a couple of year’s ago. We used all of our fingers for this one to form spooky Halloween eyes. I showed my daughter how to press both fingers down on the paper at the same time to form the eyes. She alternated fingers to make different sized eyes and since the angles and shapes would vary with each pressing this made for a great variety of eyes.


When the paint dried, she drew in eye balls and lashes & cracks in the eyes. She got a kick out of the eyes. “Look at how spooky they are, mama.” “They are looking at me.”


Our spooky eyes were fun & will be a creepy addition to our front window.

These are so cute & fun to make. Thumbprint or fingerprint spooky eyes. Kid's arts & crafts. Perfect for Halloween

These are so cute & fun to make. Thumbprint or fingerprint spooky eyes. Kid's arts & crafts. Perfect for Halloween

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Halloween Yarn Wrap Activity

Yarn is a favorite craft & play material in our house.

Yarn wrapped Halloween activity for the kids. Great for fine motor skills. Pumpkin, bat, & mummy arts & crafts

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My daughter loves yarn. She will sometimes unravel it & drag it through our house and wrap it around chairs, tables and other furniture. She wraps it around sticks, markers & anything else that she can get her hands on, so it is probably no surprise that yarn wrapped crafts are a favorite activity of ours.

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