egg carton

Egg Carton Monkey

Egg Carton Monkeys


My daughter hates bedtime. Much like her mommy, she is not a fan of sleep. Every night is a battle. She has a million excuses & she is a clever one. She knows mommy’s weaknesses. Tonight, I asked her if she wanted to make a craft with me. She had said yes, so I broke out all the paints & supplies. She changed her mind & then decided that she wanted Play-doh instead. When bedtime came though, she changed her tune. “Mommy, will you do a craft with me?” Mommy is such a sucker.

Egg Carton Monkey

Paint 3 egg carton sections in brown & let dry.



Paint a lighter shade of brown in a heart shape onto one of the sections. Let dry.


Draw in a nose & mouth with a marker & add googly eyes.


Glue the carton together like shown & add foam ears & feet.


Add pipe cleaners for arms & a tail.

Egg Carton Monkeys

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Egg Carton Monsters

Egg Carton Monsters


My poor little girl has been sick for the past couple of days with a respiratory virus. She is on the mend, but we had a rough weekend. Most of the last few days have been spent cuddling on the couch, but today my little girl was feeling more like herself & was ready to get her hands in some paint.

Egg Carton Monsters

What you will need:

Egg Carton sections


Googly Eyes

Pipe cleaners

Glue Gun (For adults only)

School glue can be used by children to add googly eyes & other embellishments.



Cut an egg carton & separate into individual sections. You will need three sections for each monster. Paint your pieces.


IMG_2654 IMG_2658 IMG_2660

Glue two of your sections together in the back leaving an opening in the front for an open mouth. Glue these two to another section as shown.


Add different googly eyes, & arrange pipe cleaners for arms.


IMG_2738 IMG_2740


As we were making the monsters, the shape of the faces reminded me of Kermit the Frog. I had to make a Kermit for myself.

You will need 3 sections just like above. Paint all three green. Cut a circle out of the egg carton cover to form a tongue. Paint it red with a pink tongue in the center. Let them dry & glue the tongue to one section as shown.


Cut eyes out of the egg carton cover. Paint in white, let dry & paint in the black part of the eyes.


Glue the eyes to one of the sections (not the one with the tongue).


Paint & cut a zig zag pattern out of the cover. Let dry & glue around the section with the tongue as shown.

IMG_2666 IMG_2673

Glue on pipe cleaners for arms.

Egg Carton Kermit


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Egg Carton Strawberries Craft

Egg Carton Strawberries


My daughter is a very finicky eater. It is not easy to get her to eat her fruits & vegetables. She doesn’t like much, but she does love her strawberries. Tonight’s craft was inspired by these juicy treats.

Mai painted her egg cartons in red & then let them dry.

IMG_0826 IMG_0830

We dotted them in green after they dried.


I trimmed the top cover of the carton for the stems.


Mai painted these green.


We cut the leaves for the strawberries out of construction paper.


I glued the leaves & stems on using a glue gun. They look good enough to eat.

Egg Carton Strawberries Craft


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10 Cute Owl Crafts For Kids

10 cute owl crafts for kids


Owls are all the rage these days. I have noticed them popping up everywhere lately. As a longtime lover of these soulful creatures, I am happy to see this. My 3 year has followed in her mommy’s footsteps and loves them as well. We have owl knick knacks & stuffed owls. Her favorite blanket even is, you guessed it, an owl blanket & it goes with her everywhere. Since she also shares in my love for crafting, I have been excited to find a number of amazing owl crafts that we can do together. Here are some of my favorites.

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Egg Carton Peacock Craft

Egg Carton Peacock Craft


A while back, I bought a stack of burlap canvases. They having been sitting there collecting dust for several months now. Last night after dinner, I wanted to try one out. I painted a peacock, while Mai watched.


“What you making, Mama?”

“A peacock.”

“I want to make a peacock too!”


Egg Carton Peacock Craft

What you will need:

An egg carton

Acrylic paint



Construction paper



Cut the egg carton & separate each individual egg carton section. Paint the inside of the sections & around the outside sides in green. After painting each section, sprinkle glitter on the inside before the paint dries. Mai was so excited to add the glitter that she would not put it down even to paint the egg carton.

IMG_0922 IMG_0918

While Mai painted the cartons, I cut the body of the peacock out on construction paper. Add a beak & use paint to add details.



Glue the body down to a piece of construction paper & then glue the egg carton pieces in place.

Egg Carton Peacock Craft

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Egg Carton Insects

Egg Carton Insects 2


My daughter likes bugs. We make bug crafts often, so forgive the repeated insect theme. We do however always craft them out of different materials & tonight was a new one for our insect crafts. We had a lot of pre-cut egg carton sections just waiting to be used. Mai started painting her insects while I cooked this evening. She painted a lot of them, so we needed to make a few.


After she painted them we let them dry.

For our bumble bee, we used a yellow section & painted black lines around the outside for the striping. We used a medium sized pom pom for the head & added in googly eyes. We formed the antennae & wings out of pipe cleaners.



Our lady bug was made with a red painted section dotted with black paint. I also dotted a red pipe cleaner for the wings. Add a head & antennae with eyes to this pretty little insect as well.



We had a few other sections in assorted colors. We combined these to form a butterfly. We used a pipe cleaner glued through the center of the four sections for the body. We added a sparkly pom pom for the head, followed with a striped pipe cleaner for our antennae. When each of these was glued into place, we added a pipe cleaner outline on each side to form the wings.

Egg Carton Butterfly


We used our final section, which Mai painted black to form a spider. We used 4 pipe cleaners to form the 8 legs & added another pom pom head & eyes. All in all I think that they came out very cute. Mai agreed.


Egg Carton Insects

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Hatching Chick Craft

Hatching chick Egg carton kid's craft for Easter


Egg cartons have become my new favorite craft material. We eat a lot of eggs, so we always have them in abundance. There are so many fun & simple things that you can do with them.  I like to pre-cut them & keep on hand for when we are ready to use them. Mai was playing with them and made a monster face with a couple of them. “Rrrrwwwarrr” “Let’s make monsters mommy.” She is going through a monster phase right now. How about we make something less scary? Since Easter is upon us, we changed the monsters into little hatching chicks.

Cut up your egg cartons. Like I said, I have a lot of them.


For this craft you will need two individual sections for each egg that you will be making. One side of the piece will be solid. On the opposite end, it will be more jagged. On the jagged end, cut out an upside down V to form the look of a crack. Do this to both pieces.


Paint both sections in pastel colors.

IMG_9720 IMG_9723

Let dry.


Form your chick with yellow pom poms, googly eyes & a small piece of pipe cleaner glued into place for the beak. IMG_9717

Place a chick in the bottom half of your egg.


Glue the top half on to form your hatching Easter egg. Peep,peep, peep. This is a cute and simple craft for kids of all ages.


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