Footprint Animal Crafts From A – Z Featuring O, P & Q

Footprint crafts from A - Z featuring o,p & q

We have been having a great time working on our footprint animals. I am excited to finish all of them from A-Z. They will make a lovely addition to our daughter’s new playroom in our new house. Our latest crafts are O for octopus, P for panda & Q for quail. Because of her new-found obsession with the movie ‘Home’, we made one bonus footprint craft inspired by the movie.

O is for octopus

Paint your child’s foot purple.


Press it onto a piece of paper.


Paint the octopus’ tentacles on & dab on two circles for the eyes. Draw in facial details with a magic marker.


Outline the underside of the tentacles in white. Let the paint dry.


Paint in eyeballs & dab on the suction cups.

Footprint Octopus Craft - Footprint Crafts A - Z O is for Octopus

P is for panda

Paint your child’s foot in mostly white. Paint the toes & around the sides of the foot, avoiding the heel, in black.


Dab on circles of black for the eyes. Let dry & then dab on a circle of white. Paint in the ears, nose & mouth.


Paint in small arms & add bamboo to finish off your craft.

Footprint Panda - Footprint Crafts A - Z P is for Panda

Q is for quail

Paint your child’s foot in a few different colors as shown & press into a piece of paper.


Paint in the tail feathers, the top plume & dot on an eye. Paint a “c” shape in to define the face.


Add a beak & feet. Dot on an eyeball & add details for the feathers.

Footprint Quail - Footprint Crafts A - Z Q is for Quail

As promised, we also did a bonus footprint this week. Mai is just in love with the movie ‘Home’. We made a footprint craft inspired by the movie.

Home Inspired Footprint Craft - Oh the alien

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Footprint Animals From A-Z Featuring L, M & N

Footprint Crafts from L - N

We are now more than halfway done with our footprint animal crafts from A – Z. It has been a fun project for Mai & I. She gets a kick out of seeing me turn her little feet into artwork & has learned about a few new animals. Last night our crafts covered the letters L, M & N.  Our first one was L & while we tossed around a few different animals that began with L, we went with a lion. Here’s how.

Footprint Lion Craft

Paint your child’s foot mostly in yellow. Paint a lighter shade of yellow or white in a T-shape as shown. Press the foot onto a piece of paper.

IMG_6941 IMG_6943

Paint the lion’s mane around the heel & a pair of ears on top. Paint in the tail.

IMG_6947 IMG_6948

Dot two white circles onto the paper for eyes & paint in eyebrows. Let the paint dry.


Draw in the finer facial features with black magic marker.

Footprint Lion - Kid's Footprint Crafts from A - Z L is for lion

Our next craft was done similarly.

Footprint Monkey 

Paint your child’s foot in mostly brown with a lighter shade of brown in the middle as shown. Press the foot onto a piece of paper.

IMG_6942 IMG_6944

Paint in the ears & tail and dot 2 white circles on for the eyes & let dry. Use a magic marker to draw in the finer details on the face.

IMG_6950 IMG_6959

Add tree branches & vines for a final touch.

Footprint Monkey Craft - Footprint Crafts A - Z M is for Monkey

The narwhal was a new animal for my daughter. She thought that the horn was funny.

Footprint Narwhal

Paint your child’s foot in a gray or blue color & press it into a piece of paper. Paint in a side & rear fin. Dot on a white circle for the eye & paint in the horn. Paint some spots on the top of the narwhal & let the paint dry. Draw in the eye, eyebrow & mouth with a magic marker.

Footprint Narwhal Craft - Kid's Footprint Crafts from A - Z N is for Narwhal

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Pom Pom Pig Craft

Pom Pom Pig Craft - Adorable crafts for kids

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My daughter is only 3 1/2 & is forever changing her mind. Today her favorite book is ‘Are You My Mother?’ Last week it was ‘Harold & the Purple Crayon’. Today her favorite character is Milly from Umizoomi & last week it was Joy from Inside Out. A few things have stayed consistent. Her favorite thing to play with is Play-Doh, her favorite color is pink & her favorite animal is the pig.

She was playing with a bag of craft buttons the other day & began separating all of the pink ones from the pack. She explained that she was saving them because we needed to make piggy noses out of them. That brought us to this adorable craft.

Pom Pom Pigs

What you will need:

Pink craft pom poms (2 for each pig, one larger than the other)

Pink foam sheet

Pink pipe cleaner

Pink button

Googly eyes




Cut the ears & feet out of the pink foam & put to the side.


Glue the smaller pom pom to the top of the bigger one.



Glue on the ears & feet.



Cut a piece of pipe cleaner & curl it into a spiral tail. Glue the side of the tail and place it so that the curly end sticks off to the side.


Glue on googly eyes & a button for the snout.


Mai needed a little help with the eyes, but otherwise put her pig together by herself. She did a great job.


Mommy made a cute one too.

Pom Pom Pig Craft - Adorable crafts for kids

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Footprint Crafts I-K

Footprint Crafts from A-Z featuring I,J & K

Mai & I have been having so much fun working our way through the alphabet with our A-Z animal footprint crafts. She has lovingly coined them “stinky foot crafts”. Our latest batch of stinky foot crafts are from I-K.

I is for Iguana

As with all of our footprint crafts, it all begins with a footprint.

Paint your child’s foot & press it on to a piece of paper.


Dab on a white spot for the eye & paint in the iguana’s spikes.


Paint in the tail & feet.


Finish it off by adding in the face & painting stripes on the tail.

Footprint Iguana Craft - Footprint animals from A-Z I is for Iguana

J is for Jaguar

Paint your child’s foot in yellow & press onto a piece of paper on a slant. Paint in the ears, legs & tail. Dab on two white circles for the eyes. Dab more white onto the bottom of the legs for feet. Paint in the jaw & outline the underside of the jaguar with white. Dab on light brown spots & let them dry. Outline the spots in black marker & mark the inside to form the rosettes. Finish the face to complete.

Footprint Jaguar - Footprint Crafts from A-Z J is for Jaguar

K is for Kangaroo

Paint your child’s foot in brown & press onto a piece of paper on a slant. Paint in the ears, tail, arms & legs. Add two dabs of white for the eyes & paint the underside of the foot in white. Let dry & draw in the facial details with a marker & color in the middle of the ears. Paint in a line to form the kangaroo’s pouch.

Footprint Kangaroo - Footprint Craft A-Z K is for Kangaroo

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Footprint Squirrel Craft

Footprint squirrel craft

With the summer nearing, our yard has become a playground for many furry backyard creatures. The bunnies are hopping, the chipmunks are scurrying & the squirrels are gathering nuts. Squirrels were one of the first things that I learned to draw.  My grandfather taught me when I was a little girl & it has always been one of my favorite creatures because of its cute bushy tail.

My daughter has been loving making footprint crafts lately & asks for them often. We made one tonight & of course it was a squirrel. Footprint & hand print crafts are my favorite to make because they are not only adorable, but also because they make great keepsakes.

Footprint Squirrel

Paint your child’s cute little foot in a shade of either brown or gray.


Paint in the tail, ears & arms.


Use chalk & marker to add details & highlights to complete our sweet little friend.


Put in a frame for an adorable keepsake for you or to give as a gift.

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Sorting Game For Toddlers

IMG_20140316_010654149 (1)I know that there are mixed feelings about children and electronics. I think that they can be a great learning tool, but in moderation. Our daughter has a Nabi Tablet. It has been a wonderful tool in promoting learning for our daughter. She can access her ABC Mouse Learning Center from there and there are also a lot of learning apps that we selected for her. As I said, I think that is a fabulous tool to educate my daughter, but I also don’t want her parked in front of it for hours on end. I thought I could bring one of her favorite lessons to life.

There is one application that has an assortment of objects and a row of baskets that represents a category that each of these objects falls into. She loves this one & is starting to get pretty good at it. I decided to use this idea to create a similar game that she could play sorting various pictures & matching them to their coordinating category.

What you will need:

Paper bowls or another bowl shaped container

Old magazines or computer print-outs of clip art





Figure out what categories you would like to use. I chose animals, clothing, toys, food & transportation.

Flip through old magazines and cut out various pictures.


Cut out pictures that fit your various categories.


Put your pictures in a container.


Make a sign for your category with picture examples of the category. Glue it to the inside of the bowl.


Line up your sorting bowls & spread out the picture cutouts in front of them.


Match up your pictures to the appropriate bowl. Here we have a dog, cat & horse matched up to the animal sorter.


Hmm…Where does this go?


Right there..right there


My daughter loves anything that has pictures that she can sort through. She named off all of the cut outs and we sorted through them together. She did the best on her own with the animals and the food. I love this activity. It is cheap & easy to make and it is something we can do together or she can play with on her own.

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I know most mommies are biased about their children. We all think our children are the most beautiful, the most brilliant, the funniest kids in the world. I am no exception. I find my child absolutely fascinating. She is so bright and continues to get smarter everyday. She is very proud of the new things she learns and likes to tell us and show us how much she knows.

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Turning 2 at The Zoo. A Birthday Party For My Little Monkey


Has it really been 2 years already? The past 24 months seem almost a blur. You are no longer a baby. I will no longer have to refer to your age in months. You are 2. I still can’t believe it.

One of the disadvantages of having a winter baby, is having to be confined to the indoors. I have a fairly good sized family. I would love to be able to include everyone, but unless I want to throw 3-4 separate parties, it just isn’t possible.  Summer babies have it made, outdoor BBQ’s are ideal for large get-togethers. We wanted to keep it simple. We kept a small guest list, with only 16 attendees including the birthday girl.

Mai is an animal lover, so we chose a zoo themed party. Our party was a little last minute due to work, the holidays & an upcoming vacation. I still wanted to give her a great party ,but was limited on time & did not want to spend a ton. I think we pulled off a lovely party for our little tot, without too much stress, planning or breaking the bank.

Simple pink garland & a couple of paper lanterns were hung from the ceiling. I hand cut two number 2s out of heavy scrapbook paper & used a hole punch to dangle from the lanterns.



I loved these zebra print plates & napkins. They were perfect for our party, but they are over priced & come so few in a package. I mixed & matched the zebra party supplies with lesser priced pink plates & napkins. I alternated the napkin stacks in pink, then zebra prints.


This simple party prop was made out of old cardboard boxes & scrapbook paper.


The letters used to spell out Mai’s name were a wall hanging we received at my baby shower. They came in handy today.


This is a singing Happy Birthday elephant that we received on Mai’s 1st birthday. It was a perfect addition to our zoo themed day.


Our cheese, cracker & salami platter was supposed to be a lion, but looks a little more like a mouse. It looked differently in my head, but it was still cute & tasted good.


A tiger made out of taco cheese ball with Doritos & Blue tortilla chips.





A monkey cupcake cake


2? I thought I was 1. Hmmm.


She is only interested in her ice cream & cake.


Who gave her Doritos?


Yes, more tissue paper.


Precious moments!


Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.

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