Paper Plate Wig Masks

My daughter loves to pretend play. She has a vivid imagination & it is fun watching her explore her world of make believe. She loves to play baker and bake us beautiful cakes. She will take the little cherries out of he Hi Ho Cherry-o game and decorate her stacking cups with them and make […]

Year Of The Monkey Paper Plate Craft

*This link contains affiliate links* I am half Vietnamese. When our daughter was born, it was important to me that to be able to teach her a little bit about that part of her culture. That is why I love family gatherings & holidays with my family. She gets to enjoy the food, listen to the […]

Paper Plate Straw Scarecrow Hat

Like many toddlers, my daughter loves to play dress up. She has a fantastic imagination & she likes to use it. She will put herself into character & really commit to it. We love to make crafts to encourage her love for role play. We make paper plate masks often & another paper plate favorite of […]

20 Character Inspired Kid’s Crafts

A few weeks ago we took our daughter to the movies to see ‘Inside Out’. I cried, my daughter laughed & we all left the movie happy. After the movie, my daughter insisted that we all call her Joy after the main character.  She wanted to wear green every day & asked people what they […]