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50+ Cute & Creative Footprint Crafts

50+ Cute & Creative Kid's Footprint Crafts

Footprint Crafts are my favorite. I have a box full of my daughter’s footprints throughout her life and have many in frames as artwork for her playroom. These are wonderful keepsakes that I will have forever or until I pass them down to her.

Here are some of my favorites.


Footprint Grasshopper


Footprint Dachshund


Footprint Squirrel

Footprint Squirrel

A-Z Footprint Animal Crafts



Footprint Charlie Brown 

Footprint Charlie Brown Craft - Peanuts

Footprint Lucy

"The Peanuts" Lucy Footprint Craft

Footprint Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train Footprint Craft

Dr. Seuss Inspired Footprint Craft


‘Home Inspired’ OH Footprint Craft



New England Patriots Footprint


Footprint Trophy

Footprint Trophy For Daddy Craft


Footprint Bowling

Footprint Bowling Pins - Cute footprint craft - would make a great gift for the bowler in your life.


Footprint Scooter

Footprint Scooter

Footprint Xylophone

Footprint Xylophone Craft


Hand & Footprint Earth


Footprint Haunted House

Foot print haunted house craft for Halloween

Hand & Footprint Turkey

Hand & Footprint turkey for Thanksgiving

Footprint Gingerbread Men



Footprint Gumball Machine

Footprint Gumball Machine Craft kids foot art

Footprint Ice Cream Sundae

Footprint Ice Cream Sundae


Famous Works of Art Inspired Footprints


 Footprint Volcano


Footprint T-Rex

Footprint T-Rex

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Charlie Brown Inspired Footprint Crafts

Charlie Brown Inspired Footprint Crafts - Charlie Brown & Lucy

I have had Charlie Brown on the mind a lot these past few weeks. Charlie & the rest of the Peanuts Gang have a new movie coming out next month. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was on last night & my husband & I just had our Halloween costumes delivered. That is right, this year my hubby & I are dressing up like Charlie Brown & Lucy. We had wanted Mai to be Snoopy with us, but she was very insistent that this year she was going to be a witch princess.

I love Chuck & the gang & as I told you just a couple of days ago when I made the Dr. Seuss inspired footprint crafts, I seem to be seeing everything as feet these days. I decided to sneak in one more footprint craft for the week.

Charlie Brown & Lucy inspired footprints

For Charlie, paint your child’s heel in pale peach. Paint their toes in brown & the rest of the foot in yellow with one black stripe running across the foot near the toes. Press it onto a piece of paper & let the paint dry. Dot on an ear with the peach color. Use a black Sharpie or marker to draw in the face & the zig zag of Charlie’s shirt.

IMG_0266 The Peanuts Charlie Brown footprint craft

For Lucy, paint the heel in light peach again. Paint another strip of the pale peach across the portion of the foot right under the toes & then paint the rest in blue. Press onto a piece of paper & let the paint dry. Add a dab of peach for the ear. Use a black Sharpie or marker to draw in the face, hair & details of the dress to finish her off.

IMG_0267  The Peanuts Lucy Van Pelt inspired Footprint craft

Stay tuned for pictures of me & my husband as Charlie Brown & Lucy after Halloween.

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‘What Pet Should I Get’ Inspired Footprint Crafts

What Pet SHould I Get Inspired Footprint Crafts - Dr. Seuss crafts

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My daughter loves books. She can not read yet, but she does know most of her books by heart. She can just as easily recite them to me, as have me read them to her. She has quite a long list of favorites & many of those favorites are Dr. Seuss books. When I heard that they discovered & released a new Dr. Seuss book I was so excited. I ordered one right away.

The day that I received it, I waited until my daughter’s bedtime before reading it. It did not disappoint.  Mai adored it just as she did with the books before it. That evening she made me read it 3 times.

We had been doing a lot of footprint crafts lately. We made animals from A – Z, some Halloween inspired feet & we experimented with famous works of art. We have made so many that I have started seeing feet everywhere. As I was reading Jay & Kay’s adventures in the pet store to my daughter for the 100th time the other night, I actually started seeing some of the creatures as footprint art in my head. I might have a problem.

I think you already know where I am going with this. Here are a few footprint crafts inspired by the book.

Seuss Inspired Cat

I painted my daughter’s foot in yellow & pressed it onto a piece of paper. I used the same paint to paint in a tail & ears & the added a red bow around its neck. I dabbed on two spots of white for the eyes & then let everything dry. I used a Sharpie to draw in the lines for the details.

IMG_0240IMG_0244This footprint cat craft is inspired by What Pet Should I Get by Dr. Seuss 0

Seuss Inspired Dog

These are all pretty similarly made. The same as above, I painted my daughter’s foot in brown & pressed it onto a piece of paper. I painted in a tail & his snout. I dabbed on one eye & painted in a collar. I let it dry and then drew in the finishing details.

IMG_0246This footprint dog craft is inspired by What Pet Should I Get by Dr. Seuss 0

Seuss Inspired Bird

I painted my daughter’s heel in yellow and the rest of her foot in green & then pressed it onto a piece of paper. I painted in a beak with the yellow & head feathers in green. I let it dry & drew in the rest of the details.

IMG_0236IMG_0245This footprint bird craft is inspired by What Pet Should I Get by Dr. Seuss 0

From what I understand there are plans to release more books from this collection of works that they have found. I cannot wait.

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Footprint Crafts R, S, & T

Footprint Animal Crafts A - Z featuring R,S & T

We are getting into the home stretch with our footprint animal crafts from A-Z. Yesterday we were able to make crafts for the letters R, S, & T. As always we start with a painted foot.

R Is For Raccoon

Mai insisted that she could paint her own feet last night. So we let her paint her own feet first.


For the raccoon, paint white down the center of the foot & paint the outside in gray. Press onto a piece of paper.


Paint in the ears & tail in gray.


Paint in the raccoon mask & add black stripes to the tail & the center for the ears.


Paint in or use a magic marker to add the eyeballs, mouth & whiskers.

Footprint Raccoon Craft - Footprint animal crafts from A - Z R is for Raccoon

S Is For Skunk

Paint the foot much in the same manner as above, only use black instead of gray.


Paint in the tail, ears & top tuft of hair.


Finish off your craft by painting or drawing in the face with markers. Add small arms to complete your skunk.

Footprint Skunk Craft - Footprint Animal Crafts from A - Z S is for skunk

T Is For Turkey

Our daughter did actually paint her foot for this craft with very minimal help.


Dot on the whites of the eyes, beak, hind feathers & the wattle.


Paint in the feather details & paint in wings & feet to complete.

Footprint Turkey Craft - Footprint Animal Craft A - Z T is for turkey

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Footprint Crafts I-K

Footprint Crafts from A-Z featuring I,J & K

Mai & I have been having so much fun working our way through the alphabet with our A-Z animal footprint crafts. She has lovingly coined them “stinky foot crafts”. Our latest batch of stinky foot crafts are from I-K.

I is for Iguana

As with all of our footprint crafts, it all begins with a footprint.

Paint your child’s foot & press it on to a piece of paper.


Dab on a white spot for the eye & paint in the iguana’s spikes.


Paint in the tail & feet.


Finish it off by adding in the face & painting stripes on the tail.

Footprint Iguana Craft - Footprint animals from A-Z I is for Iguana

J is for Jaguar

Paint your child’s foot in yellow & press onto a piece of paper on a slant. Paint in the ears, legs & tail. Dab on two white circles for the eyes. Dab more white onto the bottom of the legs for feet. Paint in the jaw & outline the underside of the jaguar with white. Dab on light brown spots & let them dry. Outline the spots in black marker & mark the inside to form the rosettes. Finish the face to complete.

Footprint Jaguar - Footprint Crafts from A-Z J is for Jaguar

K is for Kangaroo

Paint your child’s foot in brown & press onto a piece of paper on a slant. Paint in the ears, tail, arms & legs. Add two dabs of white for the eyes & paint the underside of the foot in white. Let dry & draw in the facial details with a marker & color in the middle of the ears. Paint in a line to form the kangaroo’s pouch.

Footprint Kangaroo - Footprint Craft A-Z K is for Kangaroo

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Footprint crafts F – H


We are cruising through our footprint crafts from A-Z. Last night & this morning we were able to do our footprints for the letters “F” – “H” . We chose to do a fox for the “F” & a goat for the “G” & a hen for “H”.

As with all of our footprint crafts it just starts with a footprint.

Footprint Fox

Paint your child’s foot in brown or red.


Press in onto a piece of paper.


Use the paint to paint a tail on & add a tip in a lighter shade.


Paint in the ears.


Paint in the eyes & the inside of the ears. Paint in fur on the face & stomach.



Paint in the  eyeballs, nose, mouth & remaining details with black paint.

Footprint Fox Craft - Footprint crafts A-Z F is for fox

We did the other two footprint crafts in the same fashion.

G is for Goat

Paint your child’s foot white & press onto a colored piece of paper. Paint on a head with ears & beard in white. Paint in the legs & tail in white as well. Paint in the horns using light brown paint & add a collar with a bell. When the paint dries, draw in the face & hooves with a black marker.

Footprint Goat Craft - Footprint crafts A-Z G is for goat

H is for Hen

Paint your child’s foot in red at the heel & brown on the rest. Paint the hen’s crown, wattle & wing in red. Paint the rear tail feathers in brown. Dab on white paint for the eyes. Paint in the beak & feet in yellow. Let the paint dry & add in the facial details &wing feathers with a black marker.

Footprint Hen Footprint Crafts from A-Z - H is for hen

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Footprint Crafts C – E

Footprint Cow - Footprint Crafts from A to Z - C is for cow

We are continuing with our footprint crafts A-Z. Last night we were at letter C. We named off a few words that started with the “C” & chose to make a cow craft.

As always we painted my daughter’s cute little foot. We painted it white with black spots & then pressed it onto a piece of green construction paper.


I realized that I had forgotten to make the snout & mouth portion in peach, so I painted the heel & then painted in ears.


I painted in the nostrils & mouth.


We finished off our cute little cow by adding in horns & eyes.

Footprint Cow - Footprint Crafts from A to Z - C is for cow

When we finished, Mai held up her other foot & asked me to paint that one too, so we moved on to letter “D”.

D is for dolphin. For this craft, paint the foot in gray & then out line the side of your foot in white for the belly. Add in the fins & tail and give your dolphin an eye. Paint in waves & splashes for your background.

Footprint Dolphin Craft - Footprint Crafts A-Z D is for dolphin

We were feeling ambitious & pushed for one more craft. E is for elk. This is a simple footprint craft. Paint your child’s foot brown, press it into a piece of paper. Paint in ears, antlers, eyes & the mouth and nose.

Footprint Elk Craft - Footprint Crafts A-Z E is for elk

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A-Z Footprint Animal Crafts

Footprint Animal Crafts from A-Z

We love footprint crafts in our house. About 6 weeks ago we embarked on a journey through footprint animals crafts from A – Z. The intent is to make a collage of all of the animal footprints from A – Z & hang them in our daughter’s new playroom in our new home. It was a fun project. I hope you enjoy it too. Click on the links or pictures below to view the tutorials.

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Footprints Animal Crafts X, Y & Z

Footprint Animals Crafts From A -Z featuring X, Y & Z

We did it! We finished our footprint crafts from A – Z with our final 3 letters X, Y & Z. Here they are, the last in our collection.

X is for X-Ray Fish

Paint your child’s foot with silver paint & press onto a piece of paper.

IMG_7735 IMG_7742

Dab on a little white for the eye & paint in the fins.


Paint in the bones & add a little color to the fins. Add an eyeball & fish lips to finish off your craft.

Footprint Animal Crafts A-Z X is for X-ray fish.

Y is for Yak

Paint the foot in brown & press onto a piece of paper.


Paint in the ears, horns & the head fur.


Use a lighter shade to paint the bottom of the face & paint in more fur on the bottom, under the chin & on the sides.


Add the eyeballs, nostrils & mouth. Also add lines to the horns.

Footprint Yak - Footprint crafts A - Z - Y is for Yak

Z is for Zebra

Paint the heel of the foot in black & then the rest in white. Press onto a piece of paper.


Paint in hair on the top as shown. Add ears & then nostrils to the black portion.


Paint in eyes by dabbing a bit of black & then white & then black again. Add the stripes to finish off your zebra head.

Footprint Zebra - animal footprints A - Z - Z is for zebra

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