Paper Plate Octopus

Paper Plate Octopus


Tonight Miss Mai asked if we could make an octopus project. Since I never say no to craft time, I of course said yes. We decided that we would make our craft out of paper plates. I gathered all of our supplies. We went to our favorite craft spot in the kitchen to get started, but then she changed her mind & decided she wanted to draw her octopus instead. Her picture came out great & immediately went up on the fridge, but this left me with all the fixings for an octopus.


Since I had all of the supplies out, I made our craft by myself.

This is a cute & easy craft for kids of all ages.


What you will need:

Paper Plate

Foam or Construction Paper


Googly Eyes




Paint your plate in the color of your choice for your octopus. Paint some oval shapes to the top third of the plate.


Layer two pieces of foam or construction paper on top of each other & cut out 4 different shapes for octopus tentacles. This will give you 4 sets with 8 tentacles total.


Dot on suction cups to the bottom of your tentacles.


Glue your tentacles in place below the paper plate.


Add googly eyes & draw in a mouth. Let your craft dry. What a cute little guy!


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Paper Plate Octopus

Crayon Box Monster

Crayon Box Monster


My daughter loves to draw & color. She will spend hours drawing pictures of the family & practicing writing. What she does not like is picking up all of her crayons after she is done. Most of the time, the crayon box is empty & she puts all of her crayons in a plastic bin. I had given up on trying to get the crayons back in their box & was content with them being put in the plastic bin. Just as I was about the throw away the crayon box, I stopped. I thought we could use it to make a craft instead.


Crayon Box Monster

I asked Mai what color she wanted her monster to be & she chose yellow. We put a base coat of white over the box first & let it dry before applying the yellow.


We added large googly eyes to the top half of the box.


We painted the inside cardboard inserts in white & cut jagged edges into the bottom row to make teeth.


We cut jagged edges into the top of the bottom portion of the box as well.


We cut out 2 triangles & added them to the top of the box for ears.


We cut the arms out of foam sheet for better flexibility & durability & glued them to the sides.


We glued our hands together in the front. Voila & a quick and easy crayon box monster. Mai has added many of her own touches to him over the past few days. Now she actually likes putting her crayons back in the box because she is feeding her hungry crayon monster.



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10 Cute Owl Crafts For Kids

10 cute owl crafts for kids


Owls are all the rage these days. I have noticed them popping up everywhere lately. As a longtime lover of these soulful creatures, I am happy to see this. My 3 year has followed in her mommy’s footsteps and loves them as well. We have owl knick knacks & stuffed owls. Her favorite blanket even is, you guessed it, an owl blanket & it goes with her everywhere. Since she also shares in my love for crafting, I have been excited to find a number of amazing owl crafts that we can do together. Here are some of my favorites.

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Handprint Teapot

Handprint Teapot - Kid's Crafts. This would be a cute idea for Mother's Day


Our little munchkin is still battling her cold. We have been trying to keep her from talking too much & running around. The past few days have been filled with cartoons, cuddling, coloring & crafts. Our little raspy voiced girl has been drawing & painting up a storm over the past few days. In the midst of all of our sick day activities, Mai made me a bunch of hand prints for a craft that I had in mind. Tonight we are going to make hand print teapots.


We tried hand prints in a few different colors & hand positions until we found the perfect hand print for our project.

This was the print that we chose to use.


Paint in a base & a handle.



Paint around the hand to form the body of the pot. Us a different shade of color. I decided my handle was too small, so I extended it. Add an opening to your spout & add some steam. This would make a sweet Mother’s Day project.


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4 Seasons Hand Prints

hand & finger print 4 seasons craft, winter, spring, summer & fall trees & leaves. Kid's arts & crafts


Happy Easter! I hope everyone enjoys their days with their families.

Yesterday was the first day that I felt like it was actually spring. The sun was out & Mai and I ventured out doors to take a walk. The wind was strong, but we were enjoying the fresh air & sun shine.  The green is starting to peek out from behind the melting snow in our yard. The warm weather is finally on its way & we couldn’t be happier.


After our walk it was craft time. To celebrate our change of season, we made a craft inspired by the four seasons.

Hand Print Seasons 

We painted Mai’s hand & arm in brown & stamped 4 separate sheets of paper.



Let the hands prints dry.


Paint in branches around the hands for the winter, spring & fall. Draw in other pictures that represent the season.



Have your child imprint the winter sheet with white finger prints for snow & red, yellow & orange finger prints for falling leaves. Use green paint for the summer tree’s leaves & blue for spring rain. Let dry & frame your sweet little finger prints to enjoy the best of all the seasons all year round.

IMG_0358 IMG_0359

IMG_0365 IMG_0367 IMG_0369 IMG_0375

hand & finger print 4 seasons craft, winter, spring, summer & fall trees & leaves. Kid's arts & crafts


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Paper plate tambourine

Tutus & Tiara Pancakes

Tutu & Tiara Princess Pancakes


About a month ago, I started seeing these videos being shared all around social media of people making wonderful art out of pancakes. They used squeeze bottles to draw out the outline of the designs & then filled them in with more batter. I tried these at home because I was so curious. My first attempt was spring pancakes. I made a variety of flowers & butterflies. My daughter loved them. She loved them too much. Now she puts in special requests each weekend for pretty pancake pictures. Last week it was a sea horse, the week before it was ducks & today she asked for tutus. I am starting to get excited for weekend pancakes now, just to see what we can come up with. If my baby wants tutus, tutus she will get & some other princess related things.



IMG_0087 IMG_0090  IMG_0092IMG_0093

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Tutu & Tiara Princess Pancakes


St. Patricks Day Crafts

Marshmallow paint stamped shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day. Easy kid's arts and craft projects for preschoolers and toddlers

I love the holidays. I love all of them. St. Patrick’s Day is a little more than a week away & even though I am not Irish, I get into the spirit all the same as if I were. This weekend Mai & I devoted a lot of time to St. Paddy’s day crafts or as Mai calls it St. Crafter’s Days. It makes sense considering all the painting, gluing & glittering that was done in our home. Here are some crafts that you can try at home with your young artists whether they are Irish or not.

Egg Carton Shamrocks

Use a clean & empty egg carton. You will need to cut out 3 individual sections for each shamrock made.IMG_9547

Paint your sections in different shades of green. Let dry.

IMG_9551 IMG_9555

Cut a piece of green construction paper for your stem.


Using a hot glue gun (not for children’s use), glue your egg carton sections together on the sides & then to the top of the stem. Let dry.


Egg carton shamrock kid's craft for St. Patricks Day


Marshmallow Shamrock Stamping

My daughter loves stamping. It is an easy way to make a lovely & easy craft. We happened to have a bag of jumbo marshmallows from last weekend Rice Krispie Treat Rainbows, so we put them to good use. This is an easy one. Give your child a marshmallow & some green paint. Show them how to stamp the shape of a shamrock by stamping twice side by side & one centered over the top of the two.




To be honest Mai kind of went in her own direction here. She made green snowmen instead. They were equally cute & she was quite proud.


Shamrock marshmallow stamping craft & activities for kid's on St. Patrick's Day


St. Paddy’s Day Glitter Peels

Glitter & glue peels are one of our favorite crafts at home. They combine my daughter’s 2 favorite craft supplies. I helped Mai by drawing the outline of the shamrocks for her & then let her apply her own glitter.

IMG_9578 IMG_9594

Let dry. This may take a while, if not overnight depending on how thick the glue is.


We left ours outside with weight on them to dry. They dried quicker & we were able to peel faster.

Shamrock Glitter Peels - St. Patrick's Day Kid's crafts

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Paper Plate Leprechaun Mask

On the back side of a paper plate, draw a set of eyes.


Paint the center of the plate in a flesh tone.


Paint around the outside in orange or red for the hair & beard. Add eyebrows, eyelashes & a goatee.IMG_9569


Let dry.

Draw out a bow tie & a hat on construction paper.


For the hat add a band & buckle.


Glue the pieces to the top & bottom of your plate & paint or draw in the rest of you face with marker.


Paint in any other embellishments such as shamrocks or polka dots for the bow tie.


Leprechaun paper plate mask - crafts for kids on St. Patrick's day

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It’s A Play Dough World



I am currently living in a Play-Doh world. My living room is filled with containers & baggies filled with dough. Most containers are filled with multi-colored globs of dough that have been blended and smashed together. There are cutting tools, stamps & dough presses covering our tables & floors. It is easy to say that my daughter is obsessed with Play-Doh. Her birthday this year was even Play-Doh themed.

There is a kid’s television show that we will watch together called ‘Art & Music’. It is a lovely show that shows different mediums of art put to music. On every episode there is a segment called Clay World. They create amazing scenes & people right before your eyes. This is my daughter’s favorite part of the show. She oohs & aahs over their creations & tries to recreate them. I speak about inspiration often & it seems that even the youngest of artists get inspired.

Last night she asked me if we could make a Play-Doh village together. How could I say no to that?


We started with a pond laid out on a piece of poster board.


Mai helped me form rocks to place around the pond.


We rolled out a strip of mismatched green & sliced out grass blades.


I worked the grass around the pond and rocks.


I formed a walkway.


Mai wanted to make ducks for the pond. She formed one with a cookie cutter. She got upset once she realized that it could not stand up in the pond.


I showed her how to make a little duck that could float in the pond. She was a quick learn & made several little ducks to put in the pond.




We added a walkway to our pond & then pressed green dough around to form more grass.




Mai helped me press & work some brown dough around the side to form dirt.


We added an additional path to the side & a stream.


Mai made us a banana boat to put in our stream. That’s me in the orange. Mai is driving the boat of course & daddy & her cousin Sebby are in tow. I love that little girl’s imagination. Before she went to bed last night, she asked to add a zoo to our park. “Tomorrow baby girl.”  I really am living in a Play-doh world.



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Bongo Drums Craft


There are days that I have a particular activity or craft in mind. I have all of our tools out and ready to go, when Mai changes the whole plan with her own ideas.

I have a set of wooden spoons that have seen better days. They were old & cracking and looking sad. My mother-in-law bought us a new set of bamboo spoons, so it was time to get rid of my old ones.


As I hate to throw out anything, I had a craft in mind for me & Mai. We were going to make spoon dolls. We had all the paint out and were about to start painting when Mai grabbed the spoons & a few containers and showed off her drumming skills.
“Drums are my favorite instrument mama? What is yours?”
“Mama’s favorite is a guitar.”
“I like drums, mama. This is my drum set.”


Far be it for me to try to argue with a toddler. I would hate to take her drum sticks away to make dolls out of them, so we will keep them as drum sticks & make her a set of drums instead.

What you will need:

Empty oat containers (any size)

Paint – Kid’s washable paints work fine or acrylics


Construction paper or foam

Hot glue gun – ***Glue guns should be used by adults only***

Optional items – Gems, glitter, tissue paper, pom poms etc..


Start with a clean & empty oat’s container. Peel off the label around the container.


Remove the lids & paint your containers in a color of your choosing. The drums had to be pink for our little princess. Mai was very thorough & wanted to make sure she painted the inside as well. I helped her smooth out the paint and fill in the bare spots. Let the paint dry.

P1180595 P1180600

Paint your spoons and let dry.


While your paint is drying, cut out some thin strips of construction paper or foam pieces.


With a glue gun, glue the yarn into a zig zag pattern up & down on each drum. (Glue gun should be used by an adult.)



Put the lids back on the containers. Wrap the pre-cut strips around the top & bottom of the drums. Use a hot glue gun to hold it in place. Use a few pieces to add to the top & bottom of your spoon handles as well.


We added a gem between the centers of our zig zags on each side. Use whatever craft materials you have available to decorate it in a design of your own choosing.



My little drummer rocked out both with her drum sticks and without. I think we have a future musician in our midst.

P1180661 P1180662

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