Paper Plate Fire Breathing Dragon Mask

Paper Plate Fire Breathing Dragon Mask

We ate at Wendy’s this weekend for dinner. My daughter got a kid’s meal. It came with little cut-outs from Dreamwork’s Dragons. My daughter was so excited about this. “Mama, what is this dragon’s name?” She asked me this with each character that she picked up. She played with these until bedtime. Right before she fell off to sleep, she asked me if we could make a dragon craft the next day. She woke in the morning still wanting to make her dragons, so of course dragons are what we made.

Paper Plate Fire Breathing Dragon Mask 

What you will need:

Paper plate

Solo cup

Tissue paper in red, yellow & orange

Acrylic paint

Googly eyes

Construction paper




Cut the bottom of the cup off & trim any jagged edges.


Outline the cup onto the bottom portion of the paper plate & cut out the circle.


Paint the plate in the colors of your dragon & let dry.


Cut out shapes for the dragon’s horns & head fins.



Cut out strips of the tissue paper to form the fire.


Tape the tissue strips into the cup with the strips sticking out of the cut end.


Put the cup through the hole in the plate & glue it in place. Add googly eyes & a craft stick for the mask handle.


Place the mask up to your face & blow through the cup to blow your fire.

IMG_5414  IMG_5431

This is fun for little kids & big kids alike.


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Paint Roller Tape Resist Art

Paint Roller Tape Resist Art - The paint on paint tape resist creates a beautiful marbled look for your letters.

Our upcoming move has become a great source of inspiration in our crafts lately. With all of the time that we have been spending packing & fixing up our house to put it on the market, it is no wonder. We painted our finished cellar last week. My daughter wanted to help my husband roll the paint on the walls, but being the paranoid mom that I am, I did not want her downstairs breathing in the paint fumes. It did give me an idea though. I thought it might be fun for her to use a smaller detail roller to make a pretty piece of art.

Lay down some newspaper or something to protect your floor from the paint. Place a piece of poster board or canvas down on top of it.

Squeeze out different colors of acrylic paint onto paper plates. At first Mai only wanted shades of green, but later changed her mind & added in more colors.


Let your child roll the roller into the paint & then onto the paper.


Dip the paint into another color & layer the colors.


Continue to layer different colors & cover your canvas.


Use a small painter's roller to make a beautiful piece of abstract art. My daughter loved using the roller to paint.  We made a lovely tape resist piece using this technique.

The painting looked lovely with the different layers of colors.


We could have left it as is, but we decided to take it one step further. We let the paint dry & then used masking tape to spell out her name.


Mai painted over the area over & around her name.


Peel the tape off.


The paint on paint tape resist creates a beautiful marbled look for your letters.

Double Painted Tape Resist Painting

Mai really enjoyed using the paint roller. We will do this craft again & again.

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Sunday’s Best Week 31


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‘Inside Out’ Character Hand Print Craft

Inside Out Hand Print Characters Craft - Riley with her head full of emotions

My daughter loves the movie ‘Inside Out’. She is particularly fond of Joy. Joy is her favorite character. She pretends to be her all of the time. Yesterday, she was asked what her name is. She told the person that her name was Joy. I just laughed. She gets so into character, that she even refuses to wear shoes because Joy does not wear shoes. I promised my little Joy that we would make an ‘Inside Out’ craft. We decided to make a hand print craft. I wanted to make an emotion character on each of Mai’s fingers & Riley on her palm.

We painted her palm in flesh tone. I painted each of her fingers in the character’s colors. For Anger, we painted the thumb in white & the tip in red. We painted the pointer finger light green & then the tip flesh toned for Joy. The middle finger was purple with a light purple tip for Fear. Disgust was green with a light green tip on her ring finger. Sadness finished off the cast of characters on the pinky. She was a very light blue with a slightly darker blue on the tip. We pressed it onto a piece of paper & let it dry.


I painted the hair on each character.


I painted in the eyes & mouths on each & added in the clothing accessories.

IMG_5281 IMG_5283

On the palm, I painted in the whites of the eyes & added the hair for Riley with magic marker & crayons.


I finished of our craft by adding the rest of Riley’s facial features.

Inside Out Hand Print Characters Craft - Riley with her head full of emotions

Mai thought this was hilarious & wanted to make one of her own too.

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Paint Chip Mosaic Fall Tree Craft

Paint Chip Mosaic Fall Tree CraftAs you all know, we are getting ready to move in the fall. Our new home is still under construction & we have so many decisions still to make. We have cabinets & counter tops to pick out, we need to decide on new appliances & we have to figure out what color paint we want on all of our walls. I have been having a difficult time picking out our paint colors. Every time I think that I have picked the colors that I want, I change my mind & collect more samples. I have paint swatches everywhere. After a lot of thought, I think that I finally came to a decision.


Now that I have chosen my colors, I was left with a lot of leftover samples.


Instead of throwing out all of those samples, we put them to good use. Tree crafts are one of our favorites to make because they are so pretty & simple, so we chose to make a fall tree.

Paint Chip Mosaic Fall Tree Craft

Cut a trunk & branches out of brown paint samples & glue to a piece of paper.


Cut paint samples into simple leaf shapes.


Glue the leaves on & around the trunk.


Cut out different shapes & sizes of the blue & glue them around the leaves. I had to help my daughter with this part.

IMG_5268 IMG_5271

Cut out different shapes & sizes in green as well & then glue to the bottom of the picture to make grass.

NOTE: Because the chips are so rigid, they tend to curl up a bit. Try weighing down your finished project with a book if your chips curl up too much. After a few minutes they will set in place.

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