Sew & Weave Easter Bonnets

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Sew & Weave Easter Bonnets - A cute & fun fine motor craft & activity for kids

We had a lot of plans for this weekend. My daughter had a birthday party for one of her best friends & we were throwing a Super Bowl party at our own house. Unfortunately, a case of the sniffles changed things a bit. Mai had a nasty cough & a runny nose, so we stayed in our jammies all weekend. She may have been a little under the weather, but it did not slow her down any. She was still running around like crazy. I wanted to get her to sit down & relax, so we sat down & did a quiet & simple activity together.

We cut the center of a paper plate out.


Mai loves using the paper hole punch, so she was excited when I gave it to her & let her punch around the inside & outside of the paper plate. I started it & showed her where to punch so that it didn’t clip just the edges.


I punched the outer edge of a paper bowl because that was a bit too tricky for her & then poked the bowl through the center of the plate and glued it into place.

We used a yarn needle to sew the bowl & plate together with yarn & then to sew lacing around the edge of the plate. I showed my daughter how to use the needle under & over, under & over. She skipped some holes at first & would ask me for help when it would tangle, but eventually she got into the groove & was able to do it perfectly without any help.

IMG_4611IMG_4608 IMG_4609

We had so much fun with our project that we made several.

She enjoyed the sewing so much that I wanted to see if she would enjoy weaving as well.

I took a paper bowl & cut around the edges like shown.


The weaving was similar. It weaved over & under, over & under between sections.

IMG_4652 IMG_4654

My daughter was not interested in weaving. I finished the weave myself. We glued the woven bowl into the center of another paper plate & then punched more holes around the plate for sewing.


She liked this hat the best of all. We had fun sewing our hats, sniffles and all.

Sew & Weave Easter Bonnets - A cute & fun fine motor craft & activity for kids

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Sew & Weave Easter Bonnets - A fun & adorable fine motor craft & activity for the kids

Sunday’s Best Link-Up Week #58

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valentine's day, cupid, love

Happy couple holding hands in knitted mittens. Close up

Welcome to Week 58 of Mother 2 Mother’s Sunday’s Best Linkup. We’re continuing our Cupid’s Arrow theme this week. We’re looking for crafts, recipes, party ideas, decorating inspiration, gift ideas, love stories and anything else you would like to share surrounding love.

We also welcome other recipes, crafts, DIY, home makeover, gardening tips, SEO & blogging information, sewing projects, patio and deck makeovers, front porch makeover ideas, organization tips, ideas for backyard parties and makeovers and more. Blow the dust off your old posts and link those too. They’re great for inspiration.
Don’t have posts that fit into the theme, link up whatever post you would like to share. We would love to have parenting tips, DIY projects, homesteading, homeschooling, makeovers, cocktails, and your posts on family and life. Your linkups and giveaways are welcome here too. Anything goes, as long as it’s family friendly and you may linkup as many posts as you would like. Be sure to tell your friends they will want to join the festivities too.

Each week your hosts will select their favorite post and it will be featured the following week. An image from your post will be used on my blog the following week with a link back to your blog. Be sure to check back to see if you’re a Sunday’s Best featured blogger. All Featured Bloggers will have their posts Pinned to the Sunday’s Best Pinterest Board.

We would like readers to select their favorite posts. Voting will start at noon every Friday until mid-night. We will be adding the post with the most votes from our readers to our Sunday’s Best featured bloggers. Be sure to have your blog readers and social media followers head over to vote for your post on Fridays.

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In addition to the reader’s and hosts selections, a post for our monthly themes will be selected and featured each week as well.

If you are interested in becoming a Sunday’s Best host, please contact me for details at or email one of our other hosts.

Your Hosts Are:

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My beautiful co-hosts Kim U. and Kim M. have returned from a much needed break. We’re ready to get the New Year start.


The Sunday’s Best Posts are:

I selected Chocolate Cherry Mocha Brownie Bites from Healthy Helper Blog

desserts, baked goods


Kim M. selected Chocolate Almond Butter Granola Clusters from Little Miss Celebrate

Tall-USE-1 (1)


Kim U. selected Chocolate-Covered Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bites from All She Cooks


The Readers Selected:


15 Ways to Ways To Connect from Janine Huldine

Date night ideas, date night, valentines ideas, romance


The Favorite Theme Posts

Cupid’s Arrow


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Valentines Day ideas for kids, Valentines Day ideas


Felt Filled Metal Hearts from Little Miss Celebration
Valentines gift ideas, Valentines decorating ideas

Congratulations to our featured bloggers! All of the posts were great, and I appreciate each of you linking up. We have so many great posts that it gets difficult to choose a featured blogger. I would like to invite all of you back to linkup your post(s) again, it could be selected next week. While you’re here take a minute to visit these great blogs. It’s a great way to meet and connect with new bloggers. Be sure to PIN or share any posts that you like, we all appreciate a little love. Be sure to connect on social media.

Jackson Pollock Inspired Canvas Art

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Jackson Pollock Inspired Canvas Art

Jackson Pollock Inspired Drip & splatter canvas art painting for kids

*This post contains affiliate links for convenience.*

Yesterday, my daughter & I experimented with painting with rubber thimbles. Her thimble finger painting reminded me of a Jackson Pollock painting. I told my daughter this & she replied “What’s a Pollock?” I showed her some photos of his art and explained to her about his dripping & splatter techniques. I thought the best way to explain to her would be to make some art inspired by his work ourselves.

Luckily, I always have canvases in the house just in case.  61DpCVMEP6L._SL1000_

We laid down drop cloths & cardboard before starting our messy project & then put down our blank canvas.

We watered down acrylics paints for our project.

I laid out medicine droppers, pipe cleaners, craft sticks & assorted paint brushes for us to use.

We used the pipe cleaners to slap paint onto the canvas.


We used the medicine dropper to drip & squirt the paint out onto the canvas. We did paintings with medicine droppers a few weeks ago & Mai loved it, so this was by far her favorite part. She used the dropper for the majority of the project.

IMG_4556 IMG_4560

She spread a little bit of paint with the craft stick & had fun shaking & splatting the paint brushes. She was so enthusiastic about shaking her brush that some paint did make it off the drop cloth & onto the floor. Oops! Don’t worry. It came right up.

IMG_4565 IMG_4567

She kept going until we used up all of our paint.


Here was the finished project.

Jackson Pollock Inspired canvas art

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Finger Painting With Rubber Thimbles

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Finger painting for kids with rubber thimbles - art for children

*This post contains affiliate links for convenience*

My daughter has an art app that she loves on her IPad.  She used it a lot over our travels last week. I watched her draw & paint and stamp shapes with her fingers. Watching her stamp hearts & flowers onto her electronic canvas gave me an idea. My idea was to put foam shapes on the end of rubber thimbles  & use them as finger stamps. I cut out 4 simple shapes & used hot glue to glue them to the tip of the thimbles.

Rubber Thimble Finger Stamps

My daughter & I experimented with the different shapes. We put them on our fingers & stamped away. The heart shape worked the best. If you applied heavy paint it came out looking like a wax seal stamp, whereas just a light dab of paint provided better shape.



Mai lost interest in the actual shape of the stamps & began to just paint with the thimble. We had a box of a dozen rubber thimbles, so we tried something new. We loaded thimbles on each of her fingers & dipped them all in different color paint. She ran all of her thimble covered fingers around a piece of paper to create a painting that reminded me of a Jackson Pollock.


The thimbles were a little bit large on a couple of her fingers, so they would flip off from time to time, but she would just stick them back on & go.


When she was finished, it left us with a bright & colorful piece of abstract art.


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Spin, Roll & Count Exercise Game

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Spin, roll & count exercise game. Fun for the whole family.This game was an amazingly huge hit in our home. My daughter did n

*This post includes affiliate links for convenience*

The past few months have been stressful ones for our family. We have sold a home, remodeled our new home & are still living in a construction zone. With all of these changes & with how busy we have been, we have not made the best food choices & have let our physical fitness kind of slide. My husband & I have packed on the pounds and decided that we needed to get back into shape. We began a new workout regime & just started a squat challenge. Our daughter jumped right in & wanted to join us in getting a little exercise.


Cleverly, inspired by our exercise, Mai picked up a die & rolled it and told me that she was going to do arm rolls. She rolled a 5 & did 5 arm rolls. She told me to roll & I rolled a 4 & she told me to do 4 jumping jacks. This sparked a new game & a fun idea.

I took my daughter’s idea & added another element to it.

What you will need:

A paper plate

Split pins


Construction paper

Hole punch



Die or dice

Directions: Cut an arrow out of a rigid piece of cardboard. Use a hole punch to poke a hole at the end of the cardboard arrow. Push a split pin through the hole & the center of the paper plate. Secure it loosely so that the arrow spins freely.


Cut 8 squares out of construction paper & use a Sharpie to write down fun exercises.


Glue them to the edge of the paper plate.


To play:

Spin your exercise wheel. See what it lands on.



Roll your die or dice.


Do your activity the amount of times as the number that was rolled. Our daughter hopped like a frog 6 times this roll.

IMG_4461 IMG_4460

We all took turns & played together as a family. We did jumping jacks, frog hops and toe touches.


Our daughter could not get enough. She got a kick out of watching us frog hop & dance like ballerinas. We had fun & promised her that we could play again tomorrow.

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