Mixed Media Collages For Kids

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Kid's Collage Project using mixed media - painting & process art

Ever since we introduced our daughter to cutting & her safety scissors, all she wants to do is cut. I have scraps of paper lying around everywhere. We have done several crafts & activities to feed her new-found love for cutting. Her new thing is to draw pictures and cut them out & then glue them together in a collage on another piece of paper. She refers to these as “her mosaics”.

She loves making these and each one always tells a story. Last night, we cut up some of the scraps into shapes.


I intended to use them to make a shape craft, but Mai had another idea in mind.  She grabbed some shapes & wanted to paint them. I gave her some paints & she painted away.


She had a small cupcake liner full of glitter from a previous project that was still out. She dumped that onto one of her paintings & then proceeded to paint the inside of the liner too.  “Look mama, doesn’t this painting look like Starry Night?”, she said about one of her paintings.


I handed her more shapes & we pulled out some other art supplies to use on our shapes. She grabbed crayons, markers & colored pencils. She pulled out glue & some buttons too and we worked on more shapes.

She grabbed a circle & drew a picture. She explained to me that it was a memory ball just like in the movie ‘Inside Out’. She drew a girl crying in the middle of the ball and told me it was Sadness.


This piece was a slice of pepperoni pizza because she looooves pepperoni pizza.


I made a few shapes too.


We let the paint dry on our pieces while we cleaned up & got ready to go to bed. Right before bed, we glued the shapes onto another piece of construction paper.


She then used markers to finish off her collage by coloring in some of the free space. “Let’s paint more!!” Not tonight little girl. It is time for bed. We can paint more tomorrow, but until then have sweet dreams about Starry Nights and pizza.


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Footprint Snowman Christmas Stocking

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Footprint Snowman Christmas Stocking - An easy keepsake stocking for the holidays

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope that everyone is enjoying their day & having fun with their families. Tomorrow kicks off the beginning of the Christmas season and I could not be more excited. I love the holiday season. Everything about it, the sounds, the smells & the lights just make me happy.

The holidays for me are all about making memories. Before having my daughter, I had a perfectly coordinated tree with fancy holiday knick knacks. Those have slowly been replaced through the years with homemade ornaments & keepsakes & I adore it. Some of my favorite keepsakes are made out of my daughter’s foot and hand prints. This year I wanted to make a special stocking for our new home & new mantle.

I purchased an inexpensive stocking for a couple of dollars. I am sure you could pick one up at the Dollar Store.

I painted my daughter’s foot in white & pressed it onto the stocking. I used black paint & dotted on the eyes & mouth.




I cut up some felt pieces for the hat & scarf. I used a Sharpie to stripe the hat and scarf and added glue and glitter for a little holiday sparkle.


I glued the hat and gloves into place and added a pom pom to the end of the hat. I glued on a nose and buttons.


We finished off our snowman with pipe cleaner arms.

Snowman Footprint Christmas Stocking for kids

It came out so cute. I can’t wait to hang it up.

 Footprint Snowman Christmas Stocking - An easy keepsake stocking for the holidays

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Torn Paper Christmas Stockings

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Torn Paper Christmas Stocking Mosaics With Glitter - Kids crafts for the holidays.

I think that I have mentioned that my daughter is big into cutting things right now. She loves using her safety scissors. She will just grab sheets of construction paper & cut them up. Today she cracked me up when she drew a bunch of small pictures and cut them out. She drew a Christmas tree, a plate of cookies & she made some ice for the ground and glued them all onto another piece of paper. I told her that she had made a nice collage & she said “It is not a collage. It is a winter’s day mosaic.” This made me laugh. “Do you know what a mosaic is?” We have made mosaic crafts in the past & I am certain that I have told her the word, but do not think I ever explained it to her. I gave her my best explanation & told her we could make a mosaic with all of the paper that she had cut.

Torn Paper Christmas Stocking Mosaics

What you will need

Construction Paper



Cotton balls


We had several sheets of half cut scraps that we tore & cut for our project.


I cut a few stocking shapes out & our friend, Ashley joined us in our crafting fun.


I put the pile of paper in between the two girls & handed them each a glue stick. When they were finished gluing. I cut away any excess paper that might have been hanging over the edge of the stockings.

IMG_1647 IMG_1649

If a million pieces of sticky paper wasn’t enough of a mess, I brought on the glitter too.


We finished off our stockings with cotton ball furry tops for our stockings & our names or initials in the middle of each.



I only did & “M” for mom & Mai wanted to know where the O & the other M were. It is time to explain about initials too.

Scrap Paper Christmas Stocking Craft For Kids


The kids enjoyed their messy craft time & I had fun vacuuming all of the glitter up after, but it was well worth the fun.

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Sunday’s Best Link-up Week 47

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linky party, Sundays Best

Welcome to Week 47 of Mother 2 Mother’s Sunday’s Best Linkup. The foliage has peaked, slowly dropped off and bagged for use in my garden next season. We’re discussing the Thanksgiving menu in my house. I can’t wait to smell all of the delicious aromas in the house. This is the last week of our our Let’s Give Thanks theme. We’re looking for fall and Thanksgiving posts, crafts and decorating, recipes, photos with fall colors, and anything you would like to share surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday.


We also welcome other recipes, crafts, DIY, home makeover, gardening tips, SEO & blogging information, sewing projects, patio and deck makeovers, front porch makeover ideas, organization tips, ideas for backyard hot dog roasts, and more. Blow the dust off your old posts and link those too. They’re great for inspiration.
Don’t have posts that fit into the theme, link up whatever post you would like to share. We would love to have parenting tips, DIY projects, homesteading, homeschooling, makeovers, cocktails, and your posts on family and life. Your linkups and giveaways are welcome here too. Anything goes, as long as it’s family friendly and you may linkup as many posts as you would like. Be sure to tell your friends they will want to join the festivities too.

Each week your hosts will select their favorite post and it will be featured the following week. An image from your post will be used on my blog the following week with a link back to your blog. Be sure to check back to see if you’re a Sunday’s Best featured blogger. All Featured Bloggers will have their posts Pinned to the Sunday’s Best Pinterest Board.

We would like readers to select their favorite posts. Voting will start at noon every Friday until mid-night. We will be adding the post with the most votes from our readers to our Sunday’s Best featured bloggers. Be sure to have your blog readers and social media followers head over to vote for your post on Fridays.

What’s New: Mother 2 Mother will be hosting a Show Me Your Turkey linky party November 26 – December 5. Show off your turkey and table setting. For more information click here.

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In addition to the reader’s and hosts selections, a post for our monthly themes will be selected and featured each week as well.

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The Sunday’s Best Posts are:

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Kim M. selected Decadently Delicious Kahlua Pecan from Silver Foodie

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The Readers Selected:


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The Favorite Theme Posts

Let’s Give Thanks


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Congratulations to our featured bloggers! All of the posts were great, and I appreciate each of you linking up. W
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‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’ Counting Game

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'If You Give A Mouse A Cookie' Counting & Feeding Game - Paper Plate Craft & Activity

*This post contains affiliate links*

I think most of us have heard the story ‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’. If you have not, it is a tale of a mouse and a series of events that occurs as a result of him getting a cookie. It is a fun book to read & my daughter just loves it.


We often joke with our daughter & say “If you give a Mai A Cookie”. This joke came up this week. “How about you give Mai 1, 2, 3 , 4 cookies, mama?” Nice try! She did not get 4 cookies, but she did give me an idea for a fun craft & counting activity.

What you will need:

Paper Plates

Construction Paper





Sketch & cut a mouth hole out of a paper plate.


Paint your paper plate in brown & let dry.



Cut ears & a nose out of construction paper & glue onto the plate.


Draw in the eyes, mouth & whiskers with marker.



Glue around the sides & top of the back of the plate & glue to another paper plate. Leave the bottom unglued so that there is an opening at the bottom.

Cut 10 circles out of light brown construction paper small enough to fit into the slot on the mouse’s mouth.

Draw chocolate chips on them.


Cut 10 squares of paper & number them from 1 – 10. Mai did such a great job writing out her number cards.


Now you are ready to play your game.

'If You Give A Mouse A Cookie' Counting game, activity & craft Paper Plate craft

Mix up your number cards & have your child draw one. Have them feed the mouse that number of cookies. Another option is to make the cookies with a certain number of chocolate chips & feed them the cookie with the correct number of chips. Let your child decide which they prefer.


Feed your hungry mouse. My daughter wanted to feed both mice. She counted out the cookies for both mice & fed them both full.



When you have used up all your cookies. Just shake them out of the opening that you left at bottom.

I had a hard time pulling my daughter away from this. She was having a lot of fun with it. She gave both mice their cookies over & over again. And of course when you a give a mouse a cookie, don’t forget, he is going to want a glass of milk to go with it.


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Like ‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie’?, try the whole series of books.