Paper Plate Team Umizoomi Masks

Paper Plate Team Umizoomi Character Masks - Milli & Geo

I love doing daily crafts with my daughter. It is fun to see what she can do & to come up with new ideas together. There are days when I can’t think of anything. I get a sort of crafter’s block. Luckily for me, when I can’t think of anything, my daughter weighs in her own ideas. Last night she wanted to make Umizoomi crafts. We were going to make egg carton Umizoomi characters, but as it turned out, we had use up all of our egg cartons. We decided to make paper plate masks instead.

Paper Plate Team Umizoomi Milli & Geo Masks

What you will need:

Paper Plates

Paint (red, blue ,pink, peach, yellow & white)

Red foam



Craft Sticks


Lightly draw a circle on the bottom of your paper plate as shown.


Paint within the circle with the peach paint & let it dry.


Paint a yellow outline around the peach.


Paint the rest of the plate in blue to form Geo & then in pink on another plate to form Milli.


Paint in the hair & eyebrows on both characters. Use a sharpie to draw in the eyes & mouth. Add in a little tongue & cheeks for Milli. Dab a bit of white into the eyes.

IMG_6487 IMG_6490

IMG_6488  IMG_6489

Glue two craft sticks together & then glue both sticks to the back of the plate to form your mask handle.

IMG_6492 IMG_6493

Meet Milli

Team Umizoomi Milli Paper plate mask

…And Geo

Team Umizoomi Geo Paper Plate mask


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Button Indian Corn Craft

Button Indian Corn Craft - Fall crafts for kids

September is upon us. Next week we say goodbye to August & inch that much closer to autumn. The fall decor is already in the stores. There are a ton of pumpkins, items adorned with leaves & ears of Indian corn. Mai was very curious about the Indian corn. “Can you eat it, mama?” Does it taste like candy?” Is it like candy corn?” I have never tasted it & I do not think it tastes like candy corn, but it sure does look pretty. Last night we made some of that pretty corn in an easy fall craft.

Button Indian Corn Craft

Cut a husk out of green construction paper & a cob out of yellow paper.



Glue the cob onto a piece of construction paper & then glue the husk cut-out over the cob.


Glue buttons in yellows, whites, reds, browns & blacks onto the cob. Let your project dry.




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Acorn Scarecrow Stick Puppets

Acorn Scarecrow Stick Puppet Craft - Fall fun for the kids

Last night I took the dog for a walk around our yard.  While we were walking, I could not help but notice how many acorns were on the ground. There were so many perfect little acorns. I began to pick them up & before I knew it I had an armful. I thought Mai & I could make some fun fall crafts with them. I wanted to make scarecrows out of them & crafts sticks. My daughter had a different idea in mind & decided to make acorn soup instead.


While she made soup, I started the craft. Here’s how.

Paint the bottom portion of the acorn in a flesh toned color & let dry. Paint in simple little faces.


Paint a craft stick in two different colors for each scarecrow you would like to make. One color will be for his shirt & one will be for his pants. Paint another stick in one color. This will be the same color as your shirt. Let the sticks dry. Draw a line 3/4 of the way up the center of the color for the pants portion.


Tear tiny pieces of construction paper in different colors. Draw little hash marks on them.


Glue the torn paper on the sticks to look like patches. Add buttons to the top half to form the shirt.


The the other stick  behind the first in a “T” formation.


Glue more small patches to the arms. Use a hot glue gun to glue on the acorn head. (Hot glue should be operated by adults. Still use caution.)


Mai took a break from her acorn soup to play with her scarecrows.



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Cupcake Liner Sunglasses

Cupcake Liner Sunglasses

My daughter & I have been enjoying making fall crafts over the past few weeks. We have been making beautiful autumn trees & pumpkin crafts. We have been loving every minute of our fall crafts, but the past few hot days have snapped me back to summer.

My little sun diva & I spent a lot of time in the sun & by the pool this weekend. She wore her Frozen bathing suit & rocked her favorite shades. Those pink shades inspired our latest craft.


Cupcake Liner Sunglasses

What you will need:

Mini Cupcake liners – plain metallic or black will work best.

Glue sticks

Construction paper in different shades of your choice

Magic markers


Glue the two liners next to each other on a piece of construction paper keeping a small space in between. Draw the outline of a pair of sunglasses around the 2 liners. Cut around the outline.



Glue the glasses to another piece of construction paper.


Draw in a face and some hair.


Mai made her face with big tears and a crazy mouth.


Mommy chose a happier face.

Cupcake Liner Sunglasses

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Footprint crafts F – H


We are cruising through our footprint crafts from A-Z. Last night & this morning we were able to do our footprints for the letters “F” – “H” . We chose to do a fox for the “F” & a goat for the “G” & a hen for “H”.

As with all of our footprint crafts it just starts with a footprint.

Footprint Fox

Paint your child’s foot in brown or red.


Press in onto a piece of paper.


Use the paint to paint a tail on & add a tip in a lighter shade.


Paint in the ears.


Paint in the eyes & the inside of the ears. Paint in fur on the face & stomach.



Paint in the  eyeballs, nose, mouth & remaining details with black paint.

Footprint Fox Craft - Footprint crafts A-Z F is for fox

We did the other two footprint crafts in the same fashion.

Footprint Goat Craft - Footprint crafts A-Z G is for goat

Footprint Hen Footprint Crafts from A-Z - H is for hen

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