Fall Tissue Paper Crafts


This has been a weird summer. I hate the heat so I am not complaining, but there haven’t been many hot days. We have had quite a few rainy ones lately.. Rainy days in our home mean books & crafting. With August winding down, I am getting ready for my favorite season, fall. Like I said, I am not a fan of the heat, but I love the cool fresh fall air. I love when the leaves change color, the apple cider & I love Halloween.

I bought a boat load of tissue paper a while back that has been sitting around our house for way to long. Today we finally decided to put some of it to good use with our fall themed projects.


Fall Leaves

What you will need:

Tissue paper in greens, yellows, oranges & reds

Pipe cleaners




Sketch out different leaf shapes on a piece of cardboard.

IMG_3704 IMG_3703

Cut out the leaf shapes.


Cut out pieces of tissue paper in each color. Try different shapes pieces.


Brush the cardboard with glue.


Lay the strips of tissue paper over the cut-outs overlapping until the cardboard is completely covered.


Let dry & then flip over & cut the excess paper hanging over the edges.


Glue a piece of pipe cleaner down the middle of your leaf to form the vein & stem of your leaf. Weigh down with something until dry.




Tissue Paper Leaf Collage

What you will need:

Tissue paper in greens, yellows, oranges & reds

Pipe cleaners

Thick card stock like paper



Draw out your leaves. We drew out 12 in all, 5 for one collage & 7 for the second one.


Cut out more tissue paper same as above.


You may cut out each leaf & layer the same as above or for a variation, flip over the paper & apply the tissue to the clean side, let dry & then flip back over & cut out the leaves.

Mai loves playing with glue. I had to stop her from squeezing too much. “Glue & then tissue, Mai.”

IMG_3720 IMG_3721

IMG_3723 IMG_3728IMG_3731

We made two different leaf collages. For one we used a single pipe cleaner as a stem with five leaves surrounding it glued down to another piece of card stock.


For the second one we glued pipe cleaners through the middle of the leaves & bunched them together with a pipe cleaner bow & then left a couple of stray falling leaves.


Tissue Paper Masquerade Mask

What you will need:

Tissue paper in the colors of your choice


Gems stones, sequins or glitter


1 bendy straw



Draw out the shape of your mask.


As with above, cut out your shape & your strips of tissue paper & glue the tissue paper until all the card board is covered. Let dry & trim the excess paper from the edge.

Add gems, sequins or glitter to the front of your mask for added embellishment.


Trim 4 strips of ribbon.


On the backside of your mask, glue the ribbon strands side by side at the very top edge (either side is fine.)


Under your ribbons, glue the bendy straw. Tape in place for extra security.





We can’t wait for the fall. Happy crafting!


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Reasoning With A Toddler


Mai has gotten to an age where not only is she able to communicate with us better, she has a better grasp on what we are saying. It is wonderful being able to explain to her that she has to eat her dinner before she has an ice cream cone or that if she picks up all her toys we will go play outside. She gets it! She finally gets it,..well sort of. We try to offer praise & encouragement to our daughter as much as possible, from cleaning up her toys, to sharing with a friend, using good manners & for attempting to or learning something new. Every once in a while we offer a little extra incentive in the form of bribery, most notably with Skittles which are a favorite of our daughters.

We have used them as a learning tool in her geography lessons. She calls them her Skittles lessons.

“Where is the Skittle on India?”

“Right there!”


She is getting pretty good with her continents & countries. Thanks Skittles!

We also use it as incentive to get her to sit on the potty. Potty training has been a slow going process, but the bribery has worked for us in making it a more desirable process. Today it back fired on me. We woke up this morning & the ritual is that when she wakes we go straight to the potty. This morning she did not want to do it, I will not force her to because I don’t want to put any pressure on her as I know if will happen in time, but I thought a little prize at the end might help.

“Mai Mai, if you sit on the potty for mama, you can have a Skittle.”

“Oooooookaaaay! I want to hold the bag.”

I did not think there was any harm in this. I left her on her potty and quickly grabbed the bag of Skittles. I ripped around the top of the bag to make it smaller & removed all but 3 Skittles. I put the remainder in a baggie for another day & brought her the small bag with the 3 Skittles in it. She looked in the bag & immediately looked up at me.

“I want a purple Skittle.”

Pheew! I knew there was one in the bag so I told her, “There is a purple Skittle in the bag.”

She look in it again. “I want the orange Skittle.”

Uh Oh! No such luck. “Sorry honey, there is no more orange, but look there is purple & red Skittles.”

“I want the green Skittle!”

Oh Geez. “Honey, these are the last Skittles.” (lying)

“I want the green one & the orange & the yellow.”

“That is all we have left.” (More lying)

I want mama’s bag of Skittles.”

“Mommy doesn’t have a bag, only Mai Mai has a bag.” (still lying)


This was an extremely difficult conversation that went back & forth with me trying to explain that we did not have any more Skittles & her insisting that she needed a green, yellow & orange one. I tried to reason calmly with her with no success. I tried distracting her, this only seemed to make her more upset. I tried letting her be & tantrum it out. This did not work either. She simply followed me around & insisted that I produce the other colored Skittles.

It reminded me of a this funny clip that I saw a while ago.

I have to be honest with you. I cannot even remember how it finally ended because it seemed to last forever. Mind you, I could have went and gotten her the other colored Skittles, but I do not want to teach her that. She needs to learn that sometimes in life just like the song says, “You can’t always get what you want.” So maybe she doesn’t totally get it yet, but we will get there & hopefully mommy will get there someday too.

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Fruity Pebbles Pancakes

FruityPebblesPancakes.jpgMost mornings I have a hard time leaving the house to go to work. I love the mornings in our home, our daughter will wake up & I will hear her sweet little voice calling out to us. “Mama, Dada, I awake.” I will go into her room and see that sweet smiling face & my heart will just turn to putty. She will jump up & wrap her arms around my neck & if I have time we will spend a few minutes together before I have to run off to work. On the weekends, I am excited that I do not have to leave this lovely scene, I get to stay home & enjoy my time with my family. Today was a little different. I was hoping that it was still Friday & that it was time to go to work. No such luck. It was indeed Saturday & my daughter really was having an epic meltdown. We are not going to get into details that is for another day, but it was brutal. Things just did not seem to be going our little girl’s way & she did not quite know how to handle it. It took a bit to calm her down, but she finally started to slowly snap out of it. A meltdown like that required a little extra cheering up, so mommy made a special treat for Mai for breakfast in hopes that we would get to see our smiley girl again.

Fruity Pebbles Pancakes


1 cup of all purpose flour

1 cup of crushed Fruity Pebbles

1 tbsp of brown sugar

2 tsp of baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

1 large egg

1 cup of milk

2 tbsp vegetable oil

Directions: Pour the Fruity Pebbles on a plate or a bowl & smash with a potato masher or spoon to make crumbs. Put aside. In a large mixing bowl add the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, milk & vegetable oil and stir well. In a mixing bowl, beat the egg & add to the rest of the batter. Stir in your Fruity Pebbles crumbs until evenly distributed. In a frying pan or griddle set to medium heat, (Test with water, water drops should dance across the surface when added. Lower or higher temp if needed) pour about 1/8 of cup for small pancakes or 1/4 cup for regular sized. When pancakes bubble, flip and cook the other side until golden brown.

IMG_3655 IMG_3656 IMG_3658 IMG_3660 IMG_3661 IMG_3662 IMG_3663 IMG_3664 IMG_3665 IMG_3666

It got Mai’s and Daddy’s stamp of approval & even put a smile back on my sad girl’s face. Two thumbs up, mama!

IMG_3677 IMG_3683

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Your Daughter Doesn’t Look A Thing Like you.

1505988_10202817546432993_6044707446005583676_nOne of the comments that bothers me most is “Your daughter look nothing like you”. When I was pregnant, I was always waiting for my next ultrasound. I remember my first one, there was nothing but the yolk sac yet. I was so anxious for my next visit. I could not wait until she started to take on the form of a baby. I was excited & relieved on that next visit when I saw her & got to hear her heart beat. I envisioned what she would look like. Would she take on some of my Asian features? Would she get her daddy’s blue eyes? Would she be short like her grandmas or tall like her grandpas? I could not wait to meet her.


I have to admit that in my mind I was about 98% certain that she was going to come out looking exactly like me. I was convinced. It only seemed fair right? I was the one who had to carry her for nine months & endure morning sickness, cramps, carpal tunnel, edema & a treacherous birth, why shouldn’t she look just like me.?

When the big day came & I finally got to see my baby girl for the first time, all I saw was me. I looked at that baby & just knew that she was my own. So it really took me off guard as family and friends visited and said “Wow! She looks like Chris, doesn’t she?” She does? Awwwww crap!

As she grew it was apparent that she definitely took on some of her father’s features. She had his fair skin, eye shape and color, his signature dimple and long torso and she certainly did not get her strawberry blond hair from me, but still I saw me in there. Some agreed that there was a mix, but mostly they saw daddy’s girl. I had people say “She looks nothing like you, huh? Ha, ha, ha.” Not ha ha ha, boo hoo hoo.

One day at a museum during a particularly disturbing meltdown, I was trying to carry my daughter out while she kicked & screamed. She began to scream, “Doooon’t take me, don’t take me!” I saw all eyes on me & I couldn’t help thinking that someone was going to call the police on me. “Hey, there is an Asian lady abducting a cute little blond girl. Get here quick.!” Don’t worry folks, nothing to see here. She is my daughter.

I know that it really does not matter one way or another whether she looks like me or my husband the only things that matters is that she is a happy, healthy little girl that spreads her sunshine and joy everywhere she goes, but when I look her in dimply, blue eyed face, I see a mirror image of me. I have stared, watched her play & laugh for hours on end. I see me in her creativity & her stubborn nature. I see my nose in the center of her face. As much as her physical attributes are her fathers, from that first look I knew she was my girl. So though you might not see it, I do, so don’t burst my bubble.


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A Sense Of Family


After the passing of my mother I felt a huge whole in my heart & in my family. I did not like going home after we lost her. The holidays lost their magic & my parents home felt foreign. After I met my husband, that whole began to close. I felt closer to my family again & had a new family that welcomed me with open arms. Ever since the birth of our daughter, I cannot help but fast forward to the future in my mind. I am not in a hurry to rush through time, but I just can’t seem to help day dreaming. Being a mother of a little girl, I worry about what our relationship might be as we get older. I have this vision in my head of family travels and sporting events where we are all filled with smiles & laughter, but I know that is not the most realistic. I had a typical angry mother/daughter relationship with my mom as a young girl. It took a long time & a lot of growing up before that changed. It is so important to me to impart a strong sense of family in our daughter. I think it is something that I lacked as a young girl. It was not until I was an adult that I understood how important this was.

It makes me so happy that Mai has such a great sense of family & friendship. She is at her happiest when surrounded by family & friends. When Mommy & Daddy are both home, we have to do everything together.
“Come on Mai, it is time to brush your teeth.”
“Dada, come too. We all go together.”

She talks about her family often. At random, she will tell me things like “Nanna is a genius.” or “Auntie Linda is funny.” or “Uncle Pete buy this for Mai.” She will make up stories and include her whole family, she even talks about her grandma & grandpa that she never met. In these stories she refers to us as different animals or characters. “I a baby penguin.” You my mama penguin.” I have been a mama kangaroo, mama sea witch, mama kitten, just to name a few. Sometimes she will ask me to draw pictures of her stories in action. Tonight was such a night. “Mama, draw a Mai Mai monster with sharp teeth.” I drew a Mai Mai monster. “Draw a dada monster right there.” Ok! By the time we were through we had aunties, uncles, and friends. “Family monster all together,”

I hope she holds on to this strong sense of togetherness as she grows older. I hope she knows that I will always be her mama monster and she will always be my baby.

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